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  1. youngsinatra

    Mastering Diabetes Program

    Did anyone of you heard of the „Mastering Diabetes“ program? It seems pretty aligned with the idea of the glucose / fatty acids substrate competition. (Randle effect) I am following a similar diet even though I additionally eat quite a lot of very lean animal meat (like chicken breast) for...
  2. mantq

    Carbs and Water Retention

    Hey everyone, So I've noticed that over the years, whenever I'm eating lots of carbs, I have fantastic levels of energy and never feeling hungry, as well as sleeping better. But the downside to this, is that I get a very puffy face, people always notice as in commenting 'oh you've gained weight'...
  3. Katelove

    Blood Glucose - High Carb/Low Fat

    I have been doing a high carb/low fat diet to address my diabetes. I was testing at a 170 fasting blood glucose for a while and then I added sugar and fruit for about a month. I didn't test during this time. When I tested again I was at a 500 post prandial. My fasting was 330. I have given up...
  4. DDRB

    Why is my instinct anti-carb (and even anti-peat ?) ?

    I read a lot about carbohydrates and their supposed importance for oxidative metabolism, CO2, thyroid hormones etc. I also watched a number of videos from personalities known to advocate very high carb diets, such as McDougall, Douglas Graham, Furhman etc and various fitness youtubers with...
  5. mantq

    Too much protein?

    Hey guys! I'm currently consuming a high protein diet (35%, sometimes a little bit more) of protein from my 4000kcal diet. I'm very lean, however, I'm wondering, if perhaps I'm doing more harm than good to my body and as per Ellington Darden, all that 'unnecessary' protein is basically being...
  6. A

    High-carb diet vs supplements for reducing cortisol

    I'm getting abit fed up with buying supplements lately, mainly because they really get you on the shopping, especially Iherb. I have heard people on the forum recommend phosphatidylserine for reducing cortisol. I think reducing cortisol as much as possible would be beneficial. I have also ehard...
  7. GorillaHead

    The High FAT Diet Vs The High Carb Diet. The Pukapuka And Tokelau Island Vs Japanese

    I wanted to open a discussion on this topic and see what peoples thoughts and experiences have been with specific diets. Studying the The Pukapuka and Tokelau Island diets which consist a high percentage of saturated fat in their Diet they seek to have zero CVD. same goes for the Japanese...
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