1. D

    Estrogen Significantly Inhibits Hepcidine Synthesis

    17β-Estradiol Inhibits Iron Hormone Hepcidin Through an Estrogen Responsive Element Half-Site ”Hepcidin is the central regulatory molecule of systemic iron homeostasis (5). In this study, we found that hepcidin mRNA is inhibited in cells and in mice by nanomolar concentrations of E2 (Figs. 2...
  2. natedawggh

    The Iron Elimination Paradox & Weight Loss

    I've been reading about Hepcidin, a pro hormone discovered recently in 2000. It is the hormone that regulates Iron absorption and elimination in the body. There is a lot of evidence via Ray Peat that most degenerative conditions involve excess iron, either directly or indirectly. Hepcidin is...