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  1. eugenics4dumies

    Gut issues, E. coli, h pylori, help?

    You may have heard me call in to the bioenergetic hotline episode 4 with these gut issues. I'll go ahead and explain again. Please, any insight would be helpful. 3 years ago my husband and I both got what we thought was food poisoning. Very sick for a week with fatigue, diarrhea, awful stomach...
  2. tastyfood

    What benefits have you seen from just using water instead of toiler paper after bowel movements?

    I started experimenting with just using water to wash after bowel movements. After some of the threads shared on this forum about the presence of possibly estrogenic substances in toilet paper, I decided to stop using it for a while. Unfortunately, I don't experience ghost-like stools, and I...
  3. haidut

    Serotonin May Be A Cause Of Hemorrhoids And Tinnitus

    The two conditions mentioned in the title of the post are quite pervasive among Western societies and their cause is, of course, officially labelled as unknown. While medicine claims that no treatment exists for tinnitus the only approved curative treatment for hemorrhoids is surgery and like...