1. T

    High Hemoglobin & Hematocrit - Prescribed Blood Thinner Eliquis (Apixaban) - What Should I Do?

    Hello all - I'm a 41 year old male. I was diagnosed with high hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. Prescribed Blood Thinner Eliquis (Apixaban) - I heard it has nasty side effects and would prefer to avoid taking it in the long term. I've noticed I've found it hard to lose weight which I'm...
  2. UG Krishnamurti

    Blood work shows ow B12, Iron and hemoglobin - Crohn's, tinnitus, vasculitis, inflammation

    I've just done my first B12 test and it's really low. I have Crohn's for 3 years and digestive issues for longer than that which probably led to malabsorption. I also experience low iron and low hemoglobin which is connected to B12 since I think B12 is necessary to make hemoglobin. When I look...
  3. A

    Blood thickness and iron

    Do I have too much iron? Is my blood to thick? Is my low MCHC tied to anemia or something else? Hemoglobin 162 g/L Ref. 134-170 Thrombocytes 159 Ref. 145-348 Transferrin saturation 0,54 Ref. 0,15-0,50 Transferrin 2,09 Ref. 1,8-3,4 Iron 28 μmol/L Ref. 9-34 Ferritin 134 Ref. 34-275 ALT 0.30...
  4. E

    How to lower Haemoglobin (18,1) fasting morning reading

    Hi guys, I have quite high haemoglobin since now one year. I always have had around 16,9 and 17,6-8 for 10 years but now it start to run higher. I'm a bit worried about blood thickening even if my O2 level is quite stable around 95-97% for 34-year-old. I don't know if this haemoglobin level is...
  5. haidut

    Red Light Treats PTSD By Upregulating Cytochrome C And Brain Oxygenation

    The US military has been pouring a lot of money into PTSD research, and especially non-chemical treatments. The official estimates, which are likely downsized due to political concerns, are that about 25% - 30% of combat veterans suffer from some stage of PTSD. The prescribed SSRI drugs are...
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