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  1. AlphaCog

    Inverse association between intelligence quotient and urinary retinol binding protein in Chinese school-age children with low blood lead levels

    Highlights • Urinary RBP is identified as a new factor associated with children IQ. • Urinary RBP might act as effect biomarker of Mn, Cd and Se exposure. • Low concentration of lead have a negative impact on children’s IQ. Abstract Objectives: Examine the relationship between blood lead...
  2. Mauritio

    Selenium removes mercury in methylmercury-poisoned rats

    This study showed that supplementing selenium to methylmercury-poisoned rats lowered the mercury content in them by about 20-40%. It also restored the microbiome back to that of the control group. So selenium supplementation might be helpful for people wanting to detox mercury (and possibly...
  3. Brooks Esq.

    IV ALA HAS RUINED ME AND I HAVE A BRIEF DUE THURSDAY--Advice On How To Treat Potential Mercury Redistribution Caused By IV ALA Use?

    Hello friends, I went to a clinic that did IV ALA on me due to some mycotoxin issues I am having and it has made my cognition and focus SIGNIFICANTLY worsened to the point where I cant do any of my legal work and I am in HORRIBLE shape. This has been going on for MONTHS after the fact. I am...
  4. Mauritio

    Glycine + Taurine protect against lead toxicity

    HED= 1,5-3g Abstract: Lead (Pb) is a highly toxic heavy metal widely dispersed in the environment because of human industrial activities. Many studies revealed that Pb could adversely affect several organs, including the male reproductive system. Pb-induced reproductive toxicity could lead to...
  5. cs3000

    Profound linear effect of Hesperidin in diabetes & ulcer / wound healing (& protection against toxic heavy metals) (+youth restoration)

    Hesperidin enhances angiogenesis via modulating expression of growth and inflammatory factor in diabetic foot ulcer in rats Rats with induced diabetes & ulcers were given Hesperidin orally, at does 10mg/kg - 80mg/kg . Group I = non-diabetic non-wounded controls Group II = non-diabetic wounded...
  6. M

    Are Heavy Metal Detoxes A Scam?

    There are so many articles everywhere talking about rebooting your system, break through weight loss hurtles, clean your pineal gland, balance your hormones, etc. My question is.. aren’t our bodies detoxing naturally? Can taking all these tinctures and special solutions disrupt & raise...
  7. tastyfood

    Is a Certificate of Analysis enough to consider a supplement non-contaminated?

    The question: If I get a Certificate of Analysis from a company, and it says the lead levels conformed with the standard of ≤1ppm, does that necessarily mean the product is void of ANY lead? Or is this a situation where the product could still be slightly contaminated with ≤1ppm of lead? The...
  8. tastyfood

    Repeated nail analysis after 3 months: Aluminum went down, lead went up, and some uranium

    After testing very high for aluminum in my last nail analysis, I embarked in a 3 month period of taking 400mg of Magnesium malate to see if that helped. Aluminum was the only heavy metal that was high 4 months ago. The new test showed a significant decrease in aluminum (yay): From 19.4 to 6.3...
  9. cs3000

    Have people here successfully chelated heavy metals to get lasting improvements?

    If you did this successfully following a protocol: 1. What was the issue(s) chelating solved and how big were the improvements? 2. What strategy did you use to successfully chelate? and how long did it take you to notice improvements? 3. What were your blood work / hair / nail levels of the...
  10. cs3000

    1000x more lead in (1991) modern humans than pre-industrial humans. Lead & Cadmium as Cardiovascular Risk Factors: The Burden of Proof Has Been Met

    https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/JAHA.120.018692 The bone of a 20th century human has 1000‐fold more lead than that of a preindustrial human. Current sources of lead exposure to humans now result from soil, food, water, tobacco smoke and electronic cigarettes, lead‐based paints in and...
  11. cs3000

    Thiamine (standard supplemental doses) increases lead elimination

    http://repository.ias.ac.in/96348/1/Therapeutic_potential.pdf https://prevent-alzheimers-autism-stroke.blogspot.com/2019/11/targeted-lead-detox-with-thiamine-zinc.html
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  13. BearWithMe

    Don't use the natural crystal deodorant stone. That s**t is 25% aluminium

    Yes, it is natural. But it is also made of aluminium, potassium and sulfate in 1 : 1 : 2 ratio. Which is waaaaaaay more aluminium than you usually find in regular deodorant formulas.
  14. D

    Cardenosine And Chelation

    For those aware of my issue I have some preliminary but interesting news. So when my left eye drastically declined I had distance consulted an optometrist who tends to implicate heavy metals along with nutritional deficiencies. Then, with limited time and funds, I went in some other directions...
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