heart rate

  1. haidut

    Your Confidence In Making Decisions Depends On Your Heart Rate

    I was hesitating if I should title the post "your confidence depends on your metabolism" since this is what Ray has discussed with a few people over email, but the study did not directly measure metabolism. Instead, the scientists used subliminal messaging to excite people and raise their heart...
  2. R

    Heart Rate And Temperature Raise After A Meal? Good?

    Is it correct that according to Ray if your heart rate and temperature rise after eating then this indicates a food is good for you? I get a slight rapid heartbeat and good rise in temperature from certain brands of pasta. I always thought that the rapid heartbeat meant it was an allergy but...
  3. mandance

    Heart Rate

    We all know that optimal thyroid function means better resting heart rates. But what are your views in contrast to those of many long standing studies in which people with higher resting heart rates have a much higher chance of dying earlier than people with lower resting heart rates? This...