hearing loss

  1. UG Krishnamurti

    Blood work shows ow B12, Iron and hemoglobin - Crohn's, tinnitus, vasculitis, inflammation

    I've just done my first B12 test and it's really low. I have Crohn's for 3 years and digestive issues for longer than that which probably led to malabsorption. I also experience low iron and low hemoglobin which is connected to B12 since I think B12 is necessary to make hemoglobin. When I look...
  2. A

    A potassium channel agonist protects hearing function and promotes outer hair cell survival for age-related hearing loss

    Abstract Age-related hearing loss (ARHL) is the most common sensory impairment mainly caused by degeneration of sensory hair cells in the cochlea with no causal medical treatment available. Auditory function and sensory hair cell survival critically depend on the Kv7.4 (KCNQ4) channel, a...
  3. haidut

    Blocking the endotoxin receptor (TLR4) may prevent / treat hearing loss

    I did a post a few months ago on the connection between tinnitus and serotonin - i.e. using anti-serotonin drugs may treat tinnitus. Since tinnitus is almost always a precursor state to hearing loss (and eventually deafness), the two conditions obviously go hand-in-hand and are likely caused by...
  4. BearWithMe

    My Ears Gets Tired Very Easily And I'm Slowly Losing Hearing

    I do normal things - ride a silent car, walk a busy street, take a shower, or listen to music, using speakers, at very low volume - and my ears feel like after a rock concert. I'm deafened, I have tinnitus, etc. And I'm slowly losing my hearing, although I'm 100% sure I haven't done anything...
  5. haidut

    Activation Of The Endotoxin Receptor (TLR4) May Cause Hearing Loss

    There is currently an epidemic of tinnitus (ear ringing) and hearing loss in virtually all developed countries. Experts are scratching heads and are failing to come up with a reason/explanation for this epidemic. As it often happens, the cause is often hidden in plain sight and if one follows...
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