1. Zellig Pliskin

    Peaty store-bought snack?

    Hey guys I found this at my local supermarket. Seems to have been approved by expert dieticians as a super healthy, eco friendly source of protein. It’s a bit gooey and hard to chew but I managed to wash it down with a few gulps of chocolate Soylent. Have any of you tried this and if so do you...
  2. pauljacob

    Why the Vaxed Look Healthy, the Unvaxed not so?

    Here on this forum, most of us are against the vax and it's many evils to the individual, families and society. On the last Donny Roddy podcast, he and Georgi listened to Ray as he plunged them and viewers deeper into fear and foreboding similar to the dystopia of George Orwell's 1984. Georgi...
  3. haidut

    Almost half of obese adults are (metabolically) healthy

    A seemingly contradictory title, but only to people who are not aware of the so-called "obesity paradox". As I have mentioned in the past, usage of the word "paradox" usually implies a very inconvenient truth that threatens the profits of one or more branches of mainstream medicine. In this case...
  4. haidut

    The People With The World's Healthiest Hearts Eat A 72% Carbohydrate Diet

    So much for carbs making you fat, diabetic, sick and old. This is a nice corroboration of the other thread I posted on Okinawan diet. The author of this study actually mentions the Okinawan people as second-most-healthy in terms of cardiovascular system. The Tsimane diet has the same amount of...