1. C

    Sleep On The Floor

    I tried out sleeping on the floor and it works amazing for me. I am testing different options what to take instad of a mattress. Currently a simple wool carpet works best for me. Has somebody tried this, too?
  2. charlie

    Notes From A Consulation With Dr. Ray Peat

    This is notes someone took during a consultation with Dr. Peat. ... 9565?var=1
  3. charlie

    Lactic Acid Found To Fuel Tumors

    Lactic Acid Found To Fuel Tumors ScienceDaily (Nov. 23, 2008) — A team of researchers at Duke University Medical Center and the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) has found that lactic acid is an important energy source for tumor cells. In further experiments, they discovered a new way to...
  4. C


    MYTH: Synthroid (synthetic thyroid or T4, Thyroxine) works and is more effective than thyroid glandular. The truth: Synthroid is cardiotoxic, shrinks the thyroid gland, suppresses cellular respiration, suppresses the pituitary and rarely improves symptoms, except in very healthy people who can...
  5. D

    Serotonin Removal?

    Is there a way to flush excess serotonin from the gut or brain?
  6. charlie

    Diabetes May Be Reversed By Long-Used Vaccine For TB

    Diabetes May Be Reversed by Long-Used Vaccine for TB ... or-tb.html Excerpt from article: Faustman and her colleagues at Massachusetts General in Boston are working to get the vaccine to market. After their early findings in studies with mice, she said...
  7. hoppimike

    Peat-friendly Gut Healers?

    I know gelatine and colostrum are both highly regarded, but what else is recommended or permissable on a Peat diet for healing leaky gut? I have been taking calendula and slippery elm recently for leaky gut / gut damage but am also aware that vitamin E and castor oil are good healers...
  8. N

    Saunas: Good Or Bad In PeatLand?

    I used to think they were great: cleansing, detoxifying, etc. I haven't seen anything that Peat has said about saunas. I'm guessing he probably doesn't like them: for the same reasons he doesn't like stressful exercise, and the same reasons he doesn't like fasting. I'm guessing it's an energy...