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  1. B

    MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL - YouTube

    What can we do to help?
  2. FitnessMike

    Arguments for why health care system is shajt?

    I am generally hating the health care system in the conversations with peoples, based on how my mom's hypo was treated (unsuccessfully), my dads supposedly high cholesterol, how i was treated when i came to the doctor with many hypo symptoms, and generally because of the whole "pandemic"...
  3. Giraffe

    What Healthcare Workers Say about their Work after 14 Months Corona

    I am going to post extracts of testimonials found in a German speaking chat:
  4. haidut

    Depression Rates Rising, Most Strikingly In Teens And Millenials

    Yet another bad news for the "young". Given the correlation between mental health and a variety of physiological ailments like CVD, cancer, dementia, etc this latest news matches quite well the overall abysmall picture of the world's declining health. The "Young" Have Now Become The Old I am...
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