1. M

    Stopping HCG abruptly

    28 male My test levels were originally around 720-750. Since HCG my test jumped to 1150 ( I dont want it this high) see screenshot of lab results showing increased dhea and test Levels after supplementation I have been on HCG mono-therapy for about 6 weeks 6-7 weeks. 2,000 iu per week. Which...
  2. Hans

    Gonadorelin vs HCG: which is best for TRT?

  3. Giraffe

    Infertility: A Diabolic Agenda

    In this documentary film, you’ll learn: The chilling, harrowing story of how a World Health Organization (WHO) population control experiment, under the guise of a vaccination program, resulted in the sterilization of millions of women in Africa without their knowledge or consent. How the...
  4. Ilona K.

    HCG for Female Fertility + progesterone supplementation+ Nail test from IdeaLabs

    I am working with a Napro Technology Doctor for female fertility early to mid- 30's age. I have tried HCG shots from the brand Pregnyl with the goal of helping the follicle mature, rupture and release an egg and raise the progesterone and estrogen for that cycle. This was done before I knew...
  5. B

    Need help with some serious medical issues after from clomid and hcg blood pressure going crazy

    So update, I know it's been a LONG time and also want to tell everyone that I'm cured from PFS great news. But with that being said I'm come into cross with a lot of health problems from that point as was really looking for some help. My course 6 months of hcg per protocol and finished with a...
  6. fever257

    Next attempt to cure PFS.

    Hello, I'm inquiring about a hormonal issue engendered by an 8-9 month long course of finasteride. Around 2 years after taking finasteride, I took human chloronic gonadotropin(earlier this year) which increased my male hormones, but also massively spiked my estrogen, to the point where I have...
  7. fever257

    HCG And Proviron - Are They Safe?

    Hello, I need to inquire about the safety of two separate drugs/steroids that I'm inclined to take. Both of these would be to optimize hormonal issues engendered by 5-AR blocking via finasteride. I'm positive that I need to push my system artificially with a drug in order to heal my hormones...
  8. haidut

    Elevated ESR And HCG Levels Are Strong Predictors Of Impending Cancer Diagnosis

    I am posting this study for two reasons. One of them is to corroborate a statement from Peat on the role of inflammation in cancer and the diagnostic value of "non-specific" (as the medical industry likes to call them) inflammatory biomarkers such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)...