1. JamesGatz

    The HIGH DOPAMINE Thread - post pics/videos that make people HAPPY here

    This Thread will be dedicated to posting photos/videos that RAISE Dopamine and bring people Happiness It DOESN'T HAVE to be Funny - just something that makes people Happy - POST EM!
  2. haidut

    The Pursuit Of Happiness Makes Us Sad

    The message about activeliy pursuing happiness and the genetic basis of depression are probably two of the most deeply rooted memes in the Western world. Our reliance on the online medium to collect our daily ration of information is probably why most people are basking 24x7 in deliberately...
  3. haidut

    "Happiest" Countries Are Simply Gobbling Up Anti-depressants (SSRI)

    I have always been suspicious of the annual reports of happiest countries around the world. I have visited quite a few of them (traditionally in Europe) and my observations are anything but positive. Yes, the people in those countries did smile more than other ones that the annual UN report...
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