1. haidut

    Dopaminergic/antiserotonin drug treats schizophrenia - psychiatry is a giant FRAUD!

    Some people make take issue with the title and claim that it is too dramatic. In this case, at least, the title may even be an understatement in regards to evidence of just how utterly FRAUDULENT psychiatry is and has been for decades. Speaking of the latter, psychiatry has claimed for decades...
  2. M

    Elderly mother in law hallucinating: is it dementia, or adverse drug reaction to antihistamines, alendronic acid??

    Hi, this is complicated so I'm going to try to bottom line it as much as possible but give all the important details to describe this situation. So, my husband and I live with his parents, and my elderly MIL has been showing some mild symptoms of what my FIL is convinced are early signs of...
  3. haidut

    Serotonin may cause schizophrenia, Parkinson, and Alzheimer diseases

    One by one, medical myths (slowly) go the way of the Dodo. Two of the most pervasive such myths are that psychotic conditions like schizophrenia are caused by excess dopamine, and Parkinson Disease (PD) is caused by a deficiency of dopamine. Unbeknownst even to most doctors, studies exist...
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