1. ddjd

    how can i prevent hairline receding further? (photos attached)

    im a 34 year old male. any ideas/suggestions for stopping my hairline receding and maybe improving hair density?
  2. haidut

    Ear wax testing as a reliable method for measuring long-term steroid levels

    Many of my readers already know about the unreliability of using steroid blood tests as diagnostic methods, except in cases where the values are so extreme that are unlikely to be temporary fluctuations. Saliva tests for steroids are even less reliable, even though combining both saliva and...
  3. johnwester130

    did my face change from k2 and avoiding PUFA?

    obviously my hair is shorter in the second pic there also seems to be a dent in my forehead?
  4. E

    NLRP3 Inflammasome Cause Of Male Pattern Baldness

    So far I haven't really seen any profound regrowth stories on this forum (eg returning to dense nw1). I think Danny and Ray are correct, though I wonder if someone who has a better understanding of biochemistry than i do could possibly integrate this guys theory into our bioenergetic view...
  5. B

    Cold Sensation In Scalp

    I've been having this strange, cold feeling in my scalp for a while now. It's specifically on the right side of my head, closer to my temple. Which coincidentally is where most of my hair loss is. It tends to happen randomly, but certain activities cause it without fail, like sweeping or...
  6. C

    Really Could Use Some Help With My Situation

    First off, I hope everyone is doing well, and staying healthy. I hope as this year comes to an end, we can all, at the very least, appreciate some of the important lessons that it has taught us. I'm primarily a lurker here, with one or two other posts about masturbation and it's effect on...
  7. B

    Losing Significant Amount Of Hair

    Hello everyone, this will be my first time posting on any forum on the internet ever. I am 27 years, I have a history of asthma, depression, and pain in the joints. I feel this information my be necessary considering this is a health related discussion board. Over the past 2 months I have been...
  8. J

    DHT Causes Hair Loss, You Sure About That?

    In the past I've heard georgi say dht actually grows hair and its high in hair loss sufferers because oestrogen is too high. He also says taurine grows hair better than finastride, note this study was in an insect less than the size of an ant. I have never seen any case report with proof than...
  9. johnwester130

    Best Topical Antifungal?

    fungal theory of baldness : dht promotes sebum sebum promotes bacteria growth bacteria growth promote baldness selsun potassium bicarbonate nizoral zinc borax - but won't dissolve in alcohol what else?
  10. hominidnumber9

    Why Does Finasteride Work For Some People?

    Hi all, I don't post here often but I lurk a few times a year to see where everything is at with the latest hair-loss theories and treatments. Recently I have been pondering Finasteride and why it seems to work very well for some people. Does anyone know of a theory that would explain this...
  11. C

    Atopic Dermatitis Advice

    Hello everybody. I have had a scalp disease since I was little, I think the name is atopic dermatitis, and I used corticoid creams to treat it, it improved a little, but nowadays I don't use it anymore. I have been following the "Peat Diet" for a few months now and have not felt any major...
  12. L

    Hair Growth From Thyroid Treatment

    Found these examples on reddit, prove that thyroid medication regrows hair. 11 month baby hair progress after Levo! Same side,one picture is a selfie and the other is not. : Hypothyroidism Hair growth after 4 months on Levothyroxine for Hashimoto’s : Hypothyroidism...
  13. K

    Hair Stem Cells Activated Through The Eyes Processing Light?

    I thought this was kind of an interesting study. Saw a guy post it on HLT a week or two ago. Important note that it is a MOUSE study and just thinking about mice will make them grow hair. Anyway I think its worth a glance.
  14. T

    Whatever Fixes Baldness Is Going To Transform The Entire Body In A Big Way, Right?

    For the past 8 years, I've made a weird habit of observing bald men of any age. There are striking physical and mental similarities between them, such as underdeveloped neck muscles, underdeveloped calves, cranial shape, abdominal fat distribution, ingratiating personality traits, social...
  15. haidut

    Topical T3 Dramatically Stimulates Hair Growth

    I am posting this just a quick follow up and possible enhancement over the approach discussed in my previous post on estrogen causing hair loss. The study below demonstrated that applying daily the HED of a few mcg of T3 per square inch of skin increased hair length by several thousand percent...
  16. L

    Elephatos Protocol

    Does anyone remember Elephantos protocol for hair growth? Ive heard he had great results but I cant seem to find his posts Also has anyone given his protocol a shot and seen benefits?
  17. L

    Topical T3 For Hair Growth

    Hello Everyone Have any of you read Georgis post? "Topical T3 dramatically stimulates hair growth" I was just wondering how one (a human being) would apply this to achieve maximim benefits Fot many mcgs of T3 per square inch and how many times per day of applying? Thank you
  18. K

    Oral Health And Hair

    Association between Periodontal disease and Prostate cancer: Results of a 12-year Longitudinal Cohort Study in South Korea - BPH ( aga connection) Stopping hair loss with good oral health - Areata Association between oral pathogens and prostate cancer: building the relationship - BPH ( aga...
  19. E

    "The Actual Cure For Male Pattern Baldness"

    I sent this message privately to Haidut, and was asked to share publicly. I did not test this hypothesis. "Hi Haidut I want to leave this link here about Potassium Bicarbonate and Male Pattern Baldness, I am not the person who wrote it, I happened to find this and since its quite an unique...
  20. haidut

    Reducing Stress May Reverse Greying Of Hair

    Just a few weeks ago I made a post about yet another study linking grey hair to increased stress. The mechanism of action described in that study was increased HPA activity and specifically elevated norepinephrine levels. Other studies have also implicated tryptophan/serotonin, which is still...