hair regrowth

  1. curious_anthro

    Help my husband prevent further hair loss - where to start?

    Over the last 5 years, my husband (37 yrs old) has very slowly started experiencing hair loss and a receding hairline around both temples. This has coincided with some other shifts, perhaps hormonally, from having a bulged disc + stopping weightlifting + high stress job. He has always (in my...
  2. Mossy

    Niostem wearable (helmet): "bioelectrical stimulation" for hair regrowth

    Niostem is a wearable (helmet) that uses "bioelectrical stimulation" to stop hair loss and regrow hair. As someone who has been researching men's hair loss for quite some time, the maker of this device makes some significant claims. I'd say the boldest yet. In the best case scenario, for...
  3. Xemnoraq

    Petition For Idealabs Hair Loss Product

    Ok guys, im gonna keep it nice and short, i doubt this will go anywhere, but who knows, If anyone can crack the code to hair loss i feel like it's Georgi, All other hairloss treatment methods basically only half work with severe side effects that end up basically castrating you, So i...
  4. V

    Has anyone managed to increase their hair density/thickness significantly?

    Has anyone managed to significantly thicken their hair without the use of medication? I don't want to sound rude, but I'm not just looking for some advice from people who haven't gotten it yet, I just want to know if anyone has actually gotten it and how they did it. Massages, some daily habit...
  5. DeadCatBounce

    What went wrong ? 65 days of continuous hairloss after Progesterone (men), need help

    After reading a bit about progesterone and its ability to remove Estrogen from the cells as well as help with hair/skin and make ones look younger overall, decided to try out and experiment (worst experiment I've ever done so far in my life and I highly regret it). Took 100mgs orally for 4 days...
  6. JamesGatz

    A new theory on hair loss - why Hair is never truly dead and bald men can regrow their hair back naturally

    It is first worth noting the following: Humans are the only species that experience "Male Pattern Baldness" - there is not any other animal species (let alone mammalian species) that has the males of that species experience rampant hair loss: It makes absolutely no sense why males of a...
  7. Hans

    Why DHT doesn’t cause hair loss - My response to Kevin Mann

    Kevin Mann attacked me in one of his vids a while ago, saying that DHT is a trash hormone and that I don't know what I'm talking about. He clearly believes that DHT is harmful and that finasteride is awesome, despite a ton of scientific papers and anecdotes showing that DHT is very much needed...
  8. G

    Topicals on Arteries to Maximize Follicle Exposure

    These questions are partially related to my ongoing experiment of applying DHEA and Progesterone to my scalp for hair regrowth. I have an idea about the location of topicals, and I wanted to get some thoughts on it because I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to human anatomy...
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