gut motility

  1. cs3000

    Naringin inhibition of adenosine deaminase (ADA) + Ghrelin activation This enzyme breaks down adenosine to inosine, Naringin was shown to moderately inhibit this enzyme, but would high intakes of OJ lead to increased adenosine levels / decreased inosine levels? (they used cordycepin as it mimicks adenosine...
  2. L

    What Company Sells The Best Cascara Sagrada On The Market?

    Where do you buy yours?
  3. Amazoniac

    Potassium Insufficiency In GI Problems

    Street violinists, I realized one of these days that a lot of people with intestinal problems tend to avoid the exact foods that provide a lot of potassium due to their reactions to the carbohydrates in those foods. Mainly: milk, starch or fruits. Not only that but it usually starts with poor...
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