gut microbiome

  1. S

    Antibiotic Protocols for Best Results

    This seems kinda silly, but given I've never been to a doctor, I actually don't know how to take antibiotics! I've looked around the forum, and found no data on how you actually take them. I also found surprisingly little in other forums or blogs. I have found specific instructions for specific...
  2. S

    Vomit, Diarrhea- unsure cause- best route back to gut health? Best food or supplement for recovery?

    My healthy 19 year old had a bout of diarrhea and then vomited once. She has only been sick with vomit maybe 3 other times in her life. Felt better after the vomit. Unsure of cause. She is on holiday break from school, we make our own food, the only outside contact she has had is her father...
  3. Hans

    Salicylic acid might be good for the gut health and function

    Aspirin has been shown to cause intestinal bleeding in some people and that's why they generally avoid aspirin. That can easily be remedied by switching to sodium salicylate or simply salicylic acid. But this study is not about that. It actually shows that salicylate can be beneficial for the...
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