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gut bacteria

  1. S

    Vomit, Diarrhea- unsure cause- best route back to gut health? Best food or supplement for recovery?

    My healthy 19 year old had a bout of diarrhea and then vomited once. She has only been sick with vomit maybe 3 other times in her life. Felt better after the vomit. Unsure of cause. She is on holiday break from school, we make our own food, the only outside contact she has had is her father...
  2. blackface

    Take the Parasite Pill!

    Its time for some schizo posting. @JamesGatz you can gladly join. I just stumbled upon this document called "Parasite Pill 2.0" which was mostly likely created on 4chan or somewhere in those circles. I think that RP community is very well knowledgable about bacteria, parasites and gut health...
  3. Sweatshop Toad

    Three Day Niacin Flush

    Lately, whenever I take regular niacin (not niacinamide) I've begun exhibiting some very unusual symptoms. In addition to the immediate flush, I find that I'll also experience a less intense (about 50% the strength) flush periodically for the next few days at random intervals. Additionally, I...
  4. AlphaCog

    Anti-Peat Elite Athletes’ Gut Bacteria Give Rodent Runners a Boost. The chemical these bacteria produce appears to enhance athleticism.

    The study began with an assessment of 15 runners and a comparison of bacterial strains present in their stool before and after they completed the Boston Marathon. The investigators identified a boost in the presence of species the bacterium Veillonella after the marathon, especially Veillonella...
  5. eugenics4dumies

    Gut issues, E. coli, h pylori, help?

    You may have heard me call in to the bioenergetic hotline episode 4 with these gut issues. I'll go ahead and explain again. Please, any insight would be helpful. 3 years ago my husband and I both got what we thought was food poisoning. Very sick for a week with fatigue, diarrhea, awful stomach...
  6. H

    Swollen Calves/Lower Body, discomfort/pressure in back/spine/kidney area (unknown cause?) Please advise, struggling immensely.

    Hey guys its me again. Coupled with the issues I've been suffering from over the last 2 1/2 years due to extremely high stress and suspected gut bacteria as well as malaise post-Covid, since late Nov my lower body especially my calves have been swelling, mostly discomfort but has evolved into...
  7. UG Krishnamurti

    Estrogen and inflammation

    If the tissue damage is the cause of the appearance of estrogen in that tissue in order to heal it - what causes that tissue to become so easily damageable? Like in my case for example. I have Crohn's and my intestine is easily damaged with supplements and even cascara sagrada for example. It...
  8. RenaissanceMan

    Oral spore-based probiotic supplementation was associated with 42% reduction of post-meal dietary endotoxin

    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28868181/ AIM To determine if 30-d of oral spore-based probiotic supplementation could reduce dietary endotoxemia. METHODS Apparently healthy men and women (n = 75) were screened for post-prandial dietary endotoxemia. Subjects whose serum endotoxin concentration...
  9. M

    Can one course of antibiotics lead to stubborn weight gain?

    I took 2 courses of antibiotics for teeth abscess 2 months ago. I have gained weight and it won't go...it might not be related to the antibiotics but I wonder if it is. And also why does Peat suggest antibiotics when there is lots of research demonstrating that antibiotics cause weight gain?
  10. Hans

    The Gut-Hair Loss Connection: Fix The Gut To Stop Hair Loss

    Hi all, The gut is truly involved with just about everything in the body, however, few actually know that their gut health is contributing to their hair health. So many people might experience gut issues, but seldom connect it to their hair loss. I have written an article to shed some light on...
  11. lvysaur

    Slow Digestion Is Good? A Symptom Of Antibiotics

    I recently took antibiotics for the first time (amoxicillin) and the effect has been extremely positive. One of the main improvements was hunger. My hunger is much deeper and more consistent. Another thing I noticed is that my bowel frequency decreased. Instead of once a day, it became...
  12. Hans

    The One Gut Bacterium You Have To Boost (and Here’s How)

    There is so much controversy over gut bacteria and if we should lower it or boost it or try to modulate it. Well, we have a gut microbiota whether we like it not, so we have to make the best of it. Lowering gut bacteria with antibiotics can be very helpful, but is rarely a long term solution...
  13. A

    Mikhaila Peterson's Oral Fecal Microbiota Transplant Experiment

    Mikhaila Peterson encapsulated fecal slurry and swallowed it, curing her C. Diff infection. I haven't seen any posts about this. Thoughts? Has anyone tried this or is anyone looking to try this? I'm considering trying this to fix what I think is a decade of dysbiosis and very poor digestion...
  14. haidut

    Food Emulsifiers And Endotoxin (LPS) Cause Brain Bleeding

    The study below is both ground-breaking and scary. Ground-breaking because it demonstrates yet another mysterious and potentially lethal disease - cavernous angioma (CA) - has a very simple explanation - endotoxin / LPS. Scary, because it refers to evidence that emulsifiers widely approved for...
  15. L

    What Company Sells The Best Cascara Sagrada On The Market?

    Where do you buy yours?