great reset

  1. haidut

    CNN: What's the point of ever leaving home again?

    Yet another example that this whole "pandemic" is nothing but a smokescreen for the ushering in of the deliberate digitization and isolation of society. The former for profit, and the latter for security. Except, we are being gaslighted that the "security" portion is all about protecting us -...
  2. Drareg

    Big Tech’s Energy usage

    This article is worth your time, the writer is a sincere Green and lefty, we don’t have to agree on everything but this article contains some gems, she believes CO2 is bad for example, outside of a context of asphyxiation people are ill informed about CO2. Basically big tech is hailed as the...
  3. Drareg

    UK labs misuse of PCR test, false positives

    Good article on how a lab in the uk is abusing the PCR test, not following the tests instructions or the WHO guidelines, not that the WHO are trustworthy but it’s worth noting. It just so happened that this change in testing methods coincided with the arrival of a new variant around Christmas...
  4. S

    The Great Reset - Klaus Schwab

    Alberta Conservative premier Jason Kenney gave a speech mentioning The Great Reset. He actually sounds pretty normal which is rare nowadays. I guess this Klaus Schwab maniac sent his Great Reset book to every leader in the world, so it makes more sense now to see how they are all on the same...
  5. haidut

    Jeff Bezos is stepping down as Amazon CEO

    First, it was the Google pair, then it was Bill Gates, then it was Eric Schmidt, and now we have Bezos bailing out. Let's see if his next move is to apply for citizenship in Cyprus or some other tax haven...My bet is Zuckerberg is next :-)...
  6. Drareg

    China’s belt road initiative- Italy

    China are looking to colonize the world it seems with their belt road initiative, Israel and Russia are big players here also. The gist of it is basically the ruling class dream, a panopticon of control, it seems the ruling class globally want this, the world economic forums great retard fest...
  7. RealNeat

    Ray Peat Interview My 2nd podcast episode with Ray (recorded 10/29) released today.

    It was awesome having Ray on again. He was a big inspiration for me even starting the podcast, I really want to help people become exposed to his information especially in our current state of affairs. This was truly a podcast marathon, lots of rabbit holes, questions and interesting insights...
  8. bzmazu

    Your Guide To The Great Reset

    Globalist Technocrats Poised to Press the Great Reset Button • Children's Health Defense
  9. haidut

    Canadian PM Just Confirmed The "Great Reset" Is Not A Conspiracy

    I know the readers here have suspected this for a long time and we have plenty of links posted on the forum about the "Great Reset" agenda from WEF. However, until now, there was not much in terms of official acknowledgment from world leaders that this agenda is about to be adopted/implemented...
  10. haidut

    The Fed - The Old Economy, As We Know It, Is Probably Gone

    If there was any doubt left that we are indeed in the middle of an unprecedented social and economic experiment/shift, and nothing about this pandemic is random or even natural - here are the comments from the Fed Chairman. They sound as if he just got off the phone with Mr. Klaus from the WEF...