1. JamesGatz

    If the CO2 is evil narrative is the next scam to be pushed on us how exactly is bitcoin/crypto supposed to survive the next economic collapse ?

    I'm sure many of us are familiar with many saying the next economic storm will be here soon and this time it seems like the big one but how is crypto supposed to survive this ? Everything is telling us different - China and other countries stockpiling gold/silver (they dont seem to be...
  2. JamesGatz

    Wealth is Health - The personalities of Rich people and it's possible relation to GOLD

    I decided to make this thread after reading this thread on the forum - I remember a time in college - I would notice many of the girls in my school (many were wealthy) wore solid gold cartier...
  3. Mauritio

    Investing in physical silver

    Hi , I wanted to start a thread on how, where and what to do when investing in silver. I simply chose silver because gold is too expensive in my opinion. I dont want to trade or make money , I simply want to convert my money into something that will keep some of its value , no matter what's...
  4. L

    I Think Wearing Gold Increases Progesterone

    I found a small 22k gold necklace I had forgotten I had and put it on this morning. After about 30 min/1 hour I noticed my consciousness had noticeably changed, I had become less verbose, less emotional, calmer, and more interested in making money (but it didn't feel "androgenic"), which is...