1. C

    Study Says Roundup Much More Toxic Than Glyphosate (How To Avoid)

    Glyphosate is just one of Roundup's many ingredients but possibly the only one that goes systemic in the plants. You may be avoiding the more toxic Roundup by removing shells, outer leaves...and selecting foods like white rice with the exterior removed so you're not eating material that made...
  2. cs3000

    Protection against glyphosate pesticide (using Orange juice)

    Wondered how damaging typical glyphosate intakes are, and what can be protective if necessary so dont have to try to completely avoid intake In terms of cancer, from what i found on glyphosate typical daily intakes in the hundreds of micrograms up to low end mgs didnt give me much cause for...
  3. tastyfood

    I still tested highly positive for glyphosate in urine after 6 days of a strict organic-only diet

    I live in California. I ran a short experiment where I stayed on a strictly organic diet for 6 days before sending a urine sample to the company Mosaic Diagnostics (fka Great Plains Lab). Glyphosate is meant to have a short elimination half life, so I assumed the 5 days would be enough to test...
  4. haidut

    Exposure to even ultra-low dose of RoundUp causes kidney/liver damage

    So much for the official statement by Monsanto that RoundUp (glyphosate) is so safe that a person can drink a glass full of it and there would be no ill effects. They even sent their lawyer to a famous TV show to make the same claims, but that lawyer became berserk when the show host poured him...
  5. F

    Do you eat plants that aren't organic or animal products that aren't 100% grassfed/pasture raised?

    I'm asking because I thought people here are willing to do anything to maximize the health of their diet and therefore minimize any potential toxins, but I often see posts about dietary problems which come partially or wholly from inorganic food sources. Occasionally I eat something that isn't...
  6. haidut

    Antibiotic Resistance May Be Driven By Pesticides Like RoundUp (glyphosate)

    I am sure most people on the forum have seen multiple news items on the topic of rapidly increasing antibiotic resistance of many bacterial strains causing the most common infections in both the general population and hospital patients. The official version is that this increasing resistance is...
  7. haidut

    FDA Food Tests For Monsanto's RoundUp (glyphosate) Are Fraud, All Food Likely Contaminated

    I have posted a few times about the negative health effects of the blockbuster Monsanto pesticide known as RoundUp. The active ingredient in that product is glyphosate and that chemical has been officially classified as carcinogen in Europe, Latin America and some Asian countries. The state of...
  8. haidut

    California Officially Declares RoundUp (glyphosate) A Known Carcinogen

    I posted a few threads before in regards to the toxicity of RoundUp (glyphosate) - Monsanto's most famous product, which is explicitly banned in many countries worldwide. For a very long time Monsanto managed to get away with murder by claiming that glyphosate cannot be toxic because a mechanism...
  9. S

    Latest In Glyphosate

    Monsanto Weed Killer: Scientific Manipulation Revealed
  10. haidut

    RoundUp (glyphosate) Linked To Alzheimers, Parkinson And ALS

    I posted about a similar study a few months ago, but this time the scientists are directly making the claim that RoundUp is causally involved with these conditions. The mechanism of action is again glycine antagonism / deletion by glyphosate. Monsanto's Roundup Weedkiller Linked to Alzheimer's...
  11. haidut

    RoundUp (Glyphosate) Finally Proven Toxic - It Depletes Glycine

    For more than 2 decades Monsanto has been denying that RoundUp has a provable adverse effects on living organisms. The official reason cited was that there was no known mechanism through which glyphosate (active ingredient in RoundUp) can exert detrimental effects on the cell. Sounds...
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