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  1. Ras

    Anti-Aging Breakthrough: Detoxing Body of Harmful Fat By-Products To Extend Lifespan

    The study discussed here presents evidence that clearing the body of the fat byproducts glycerol and glyceraldehyde could lead to an increased lifespan. In light of those data, a supplement that comes to mind is dihydromyricetin, which causes the body to produce more alcohol dehydrogenase and...
  2. P

    Manganese Mimics Insulin

    -manganese increases co2 production from glucose -inhibits lipolysis -increases lipogenesis Regulation of glucose utilization and lipogenesis in adipose tissue of diabetic and fat fed animals: effects of insulin and manganese. - PubMed - NCBI
  3. haidut

    Glycerol Extends Lifespan By Inhibiting Glycolysis

    Ray has written several times about calorie restriction and I am a bit confused on his views. On one end he says that restricting calories enhances metabolism, on the other hand he says it is bad b/c it lowers thyroid hormone and promotes fatty acid oxidation, which is a hallmark of stress...