1. haidut

    Chronic stress doubles the weight gain from high-fat diets

    I am only posting this to demonstrate that the (in)famous claim so many doctors and dietitians and public health figures like to quote (calories in = calories out) does not hold and in fact body weight is heavily influenced by environmental conditions as well, such as chronic stress. As the...
  2. A

    Glutamate and Mental Problems - Any Hacks to overcome??

    I did an amino acid test recently and was found to be high in Glutamate. This explains why I used to get excitotoxic symptoms (Panic, OCD, Anger, Migraine, sometimes suicidal thoughts) after eating specific foods like Shitake and Button Mushrooms, any cheese, Potatoes, Bone Broth, All seafood...
  3. A

    Belly Button Infection - Glutamate Connection?

    I had posted around 2 years ago how eating boiled shitake mushrooms brought about the worst Belly Button infection of my life (Attached photo will give you an idea). Its like a semi hard thing slowly trying to come out from my navel, and once it does it bursts out like a boil and carries pus...
  4. haidut

    Human study - vitamin B6 may relieve anxiety and depression

    Vitamin B6 is perhaps one of the most underrated B vitamins. While it attracted a lot of interest in the 1960s and 1970s as a potential natural treatment to raise dopamine and/or lower prolactin, subsequent "well-controlled" studies claimed that it was not effective. However, the fact remains...
  5. JCastro

    Anti-Peat Fructose augments synthesis and release of free fatty acids and lactate

    Metabolic fate of fructose in human adipocytes: a targeted 13C tracer fate association study ”This study demonstrated that fructose stimulates anabolic processes in adipocytes robustly, including glutamate and de novo fatty acid synthesis. Furthermore, fructose also augments the release of free...
  6. haidut

    Estrogen promotes, progesterone inhibits drug (cocaine) abuse

    An interesting study, which not only exposes yet another negative side of estrogen but also demonstrates the opposing actions estrogen and progesterone have on the brain. The former is excitatory (by activating the glutamate system and inhibiting the GABA system) while the latter does the exact...
  7. P

    Progesterone Suppresses GAD enzyme MRNA (If progesterone excites you, it may be glutamate)

    Progesterone increases glutamate in the brain via blocking GAD enzyme Progesterone increases glutamate in the brain via blocking GAD enzyme activity, this can lead to overexcitation and depression via glutamate excess. From the start the use of Progesterone felt bad to me and I knew it was...
  8. Mauritio

    Fasoracetam upregulates GABA-B receptors and reduces learned helplessness

    Fasoracetam might be especially interesting for people that don't react well to the other racetams and stimulants in generel. I've found that phenylpiracetam can make me a bit irritable, but stacking it with something GABAergic alleviated that. Or people dealing with anxiety, depression...
  9. Hans

    OCD: Supplements To Help Overcome It

    Hi all, Just wanted to share the article that I wrote on OCD: OCD: supplements to help overcome it » MenElite Please feel free to share what you've tried and what has worked for you.
  10. haidut

    Plant Cells Communicate A Stressful/traumatic Even Similar To Animals

    Peat has written many times in his articles about the long-distance communication among cells in a living organism. When a single cell is injured is sends a signal, which if strong enough, can traverse the entire organism. This mechanism is known to occur in animals yet medical science still...
  11. Steven Bussinger

    Insulin Neuroprotection And The Mechanisms

    Insulin Neuroprotection and the Mechanisms Insulin, Neuroprotection, GABA, Glucose, Glycogen, Ischemia, Glutamate Introduction Insulin is the only endocrinology hormone to decrease blood glucose. In addition, insulin serves as a growth factor, modulating mitogenesis, growth, and...
  12. DaveFoster

    Aspirin Protects The Brain Against Stress

    Aspirin inhibits stress-induced increase in plasma glutamate, brain oxidative damage and ATP fall in rats. - PubMed - NCBI The precise mechanisms by which stress induces brain damage are still being elucidated. The high-output, inducible isoform of nitric oxide (NO) synthase (iNOS) is...
  13. S

    Fibroblasts Shuttle Glutamate, Arginine Into Cancer Cells And Promote Glycolysis

    Tumor microenvironment derived exosomes pleiotropically modulate cancer cell metabolism Cancer-associated fibroblasts release exosomes that both deliver nutrients to cancer cells and inhibit oxidative phosphorylation. Exosomes from fibroblasts can supply an amino acid called glutamine and other...
  14. P

    Metabolism Of Galactose In The Brain And Liver Of Rats And Its Conversion Into Glutamate And Other A

    Metabolism of galactose in the brain and liver of rats and its conversion into glutamate and other amino acids. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Time- and dose-dependent measurements of metabolites of galactose (with glucose as control) in various organs of rats are discussed. Not only the liver but...
  15. michael94

    Lsd: Antagonizes Serotonin And Glutamate Excitation
  16. haidut

    Biotin Reduces Ammonia Levels In Brain And Blood

    Rat study, but should be applicable to humans as well. Human equivalent dosage is about 20mg of biotin per day, which may seem very high to some. However, it has been shown to be safe in humans for up to a year administration and incidentally this is the dose used in humans to lower cholesterol...
  17. haidut

    High Levels Of Glutamate Implicated In Depression / Suicide

    The study was about SSRI effectiveness prediction, but as usual, sometimes little gems leak out of the study that are useful to people with Peatarian mindset: ... sants.html "...In the latest study, Turecki and his colleagues measured the levels of about...