glucose oxidation

  1. haidut

    SHBG may be a good test for liver (metabolic) health

    A very good study, which probably runs counter to the "mantra" most bodybuilders adhere to - i.e. they would say one must keep their SHBG low in order to increase levels of "free" steroids since, the claim goes, only free steroids are active and capable of influencing cells. If SHBG is high, the...
  2. Hans

    The biggest missing links to optimal brain function – part 1

    What inspired me to write this article is overall reductionism when it comes to mental function. Far too many people want to focus on specific neurotransmitters and blame certain ones for certain conditions (e.g. low dopamine in anhedonia), but health as a whole started to deteriorate first, and...
  3. haidut

    Low-carb Diet Damages Blood Vessels In Humans

    I posted a study recently showing that low-carb diets increase risk for a potentially fatal heart rhythm disorder known as AFib. Now this new, also human, study below shows that even a...
  4. haidut

    Pyrucet - Liquid (ethyl) Pyruvate/Aceatoacetate Mix

    As many forum users know, I have been interested in the Randle Cycle (glucose/fat competition for oxidation) for quite some time. The topic of limiting fatty acid oxidation (FAO) and promoting glucose oxidation is pretty central to the metabolic theory of health. Peat has written many times on...
  5. haidut

    Saturated Fats (SFA) Increase Glucose Oxidation While PUFA Decrease It

    This is great human study that addresses two key questions people have often asked Peat in regards to SFA vs. PUFA. As Peat has mentioned several times, during stress (exercise in this case) PUFA is preferentially oxidized while SFA is stored. The preferential oxidization of PUFA during stress...
  6. sctb

    Altering Fatty Acid Availability Does Not Impair Running To Fatigue

    Altering fatty acid availability does not impair prolonged, continuous running to fatigue: evidence for carbohydrate dependence.
  7. haidut

    Why glucose oxidation is preferable to fatty acid oxidation

    I have seen this question come up many times on the forum. This study offers a potential answer and even though it focuses only on brain metabolism the given reasons are applicable for most other tissues as well. "...It is puzzling that hydrogen-rich...
  8. Y

    Brain Issues And Loss In Ability To Utilize Sugar

    I know that one of the big issues with brain disorders can be the fact that the brain just cant use sugars/glucose anymore as fuel. so when they switch to fat only diets their brain seems to thrive. now i know such a diet is not good in the long run, but what would one do to restore the...
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