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    Pure Glucose

    Hey everybody! Recently had an idea inspired by Ray and Danny on one of the old podcasts to try a topical glucose solution for “problem areas.” In my specific case, my bald head. Ray mentioned that he thought metabolic issues were probably “localized diabetes” and that glucose to those areas...
  2. Limon9

    Coffee Diterpenes Have A Metformin-Like Anti-Diabetic Action

    My previous post highlighted the pathological mTOR-mediated aerobic glycolysis caused by endotoxin, so I thought it should be balanced with an example of glycolysis-boosting when oxidative phosphorylation is unimpaired. The experiment looked both in vitro and in vivo at the effects of kahweol, a...
  3. G

    Strict macros VS eat according to cravings | Glucose VS Fat oxidation

    Wanted to open a discussion around this topic. Do you follow a certain macro split/range(for example 40-50% carbs, 20-30% fats...) or do you eat according to cravings? Lately, I've entertained the idea of not restricting my fat intake, of eating according to cravings. If I do this, I crave up to...
  4. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview KMUD - January 21, 2022

    Redwood Community Radio Archive
  5. haidut

    Statins May Cause Insulin Resistance By Depleting Vitamin K

    A great study, which both highlights the dangers of statins while also providing a plausible mechanism for those side effects that both FDA and Big Pharma vehemently continue to dispute. This plausible mechanism involves the inhibition of vitamin K2 (MK-4) synthesis, which requires the same...
  6. haidut

    Restoring Glucose Metabolism May Treat Crohn's Disease (CD)

    As my readers know, the role of metabolism in the initiation and progression of cancer is enjoying renewed interest, after more than a century of neglect and deliberate suppression. One of the promising drugs that target metabolic pathways is dichloroacetate (DCA). The main mechanism of action...
  7. haidut

    Vitamin D Deficiency Can Cause Heart Failure

    As many readers know, there is an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency. It is of worldwide proportions, but is visible mainly in "developed" countries in the Western world. The official stance of mainstream medicine is that while vitamin D deficiency is undesirable, it does not really have much...
  8. haidut

    Low-carb Diet Damages Blood Vessels In Humans

    I posted a study recently showing that low-carb diets increase risk for a potentially fatal heart rhythm disorder known as AFib. Now this new, also human, study below shows that even a...
  9. haidut

    Saturated Fats (SFA) Increase Glucose Oxidation While PUFA Decrease It

    This is great human study that addresses two key questions people have often asked Peat in regards to SFA vs. PUFA. As Peat has mentioned several times, during stress (exercise in this case) PUFA is preferentially oxidized while SFA is stored. The preferential oxidization of PUFA during stress...
  10. B

    High-intensity Interval Training Rapidly Improves (normalize) Diabetics' Glucose Metabolism

    At 2 weeks HIIT 3X/Week I'd add 1 hour or more brisk walking/day on 'off' days
  11. P

    Bone Regulates Glucose Metabolism As An Endocrine Organ Through Osteocalcin

    Bone Regulates Glucose Metabolism as an Endocrine Organ through Osteocalcin. - PubMed - NCBI Skeleton was considered as a dynamic connective tissue, which was essential for mobility, calcium homeostasis, and hematopoietic niche. However more and more evidences indicate that skeleton works not...
  12. Amazoniac

    Potassium Deficiency, Pancreas, Insulin And Glucose Metabolism

    People that kiss with the eyes open to monitor if the surroundings are safe, Effect of experimental potassium deficiency on glucose and insulin metabolism "Our results indicate that mild-to-moderate potassium depletion, of a magnitude commonly encountered in clinical practice, does cause a...
  13. haidut

    Biotin Restores Glucose Metabolism Even In Type I Diabetes

    The glucose and lipid lowering effects of biotin are well known. A combination of biotin and chromium picolinate is approved as a drug for type II diabetes. The study below goes a step further. It mentions that in humans, 16mg of biotin daily for a week restored glucose metabollism in...
  14. haidut

    Aging Associated With A Loss Of Ability To Metabolize Glucose

    Ray has written about this phenomenon so many times, and it also underscores the futility of the attempt to cure diabetes by making people oxidize fat more. According to this study, with aging the human mitochondria progressively lose the ability to oxidize glucose. They can oxidize fat just...
  15. haidut

    Famotidine Increases Glycogen, Improves Glucose Metabolism

    Several people on the forum have asked for measures on how to increase glycogen storage in the liver. Hypothyroid people have issues with glycogen storage and having a substance that can increase such storage would be helpful. It looks like famotidine is one such substance. It dose dependently...
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    Bone As A Regulator Of Glucose Metabolism For a long time the only functions attributed to the skeleton were locomotion and calcium storage. Over the last decade, this view has changed. Genetic studies in mice have shown that bone metabolism is regulated by the autonomic nervous system and...
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    Insulin Signaling In Osteoblasts Integrates Bone Remodeling And Energy Metabolism Highlights ▸ Insulin signaling in mouse osteoblasts increases activity of the hormone osteocalcin ▸ Osteocalcin activation depends on the acidic pH in the bone resorption area ▸ Enhanced osteocalcin activity promotes glucose metabolism...
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    Inhibition of Lipolysis Improves Glucose Metabolism, Insulin Sensitivity w/o Altering Fat Mass

    Not really news for Peat followers but this study might give a hint on what happens when we suppress lipolysis e.g. via Niacinamide: ... io.1001485 When energy is needed, white adipose tissue (WAT) provides fatty acids (FAs) for use in peripheral tissues...
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