global warming

  1. Sapien

    Global Warming/ Climate Change question

    Ray makes a valid case, drawing on hisotrical periods with high CO2 as especialyl rich in plant/ animal life, and a biological perspecive of CO2 levels being beneficial for organisms, that global warming/ climate change is not inherently a bad thing. however, much of the issues associated with...
  2. haidut

    Study: Human breathing and flatulence drive climate change

    If there was ever any doubt that we are the carbon they want to reduce, I think the "study" below removes any such doubts. We have already been told that cows drive climate change through those same "outputs" they produce, and because of these the decimation of cows (and other livestock) in many...
  3. haidut

    The Coming Ice Age

    I posted a few threads on the controversial ideas that the climate change we are seeing is not really global warming but global cooling, with the latter being driven by changes in the Sun's magnetic field. As it turns out, this idea of cyclical Ice Age periods gripping the Earth every 10,000 -...
  4. haidut

    The "Global Warming" Is Actually A Cooling And Is Due To Solar EMF Changes

    In several interviews, Peat was asked by callers about his opinion on Global Warming. He said that in his opinion the official science on it is junk, and that the Earth may actually be heading towards a mini ice-age similar to the one recorded in Medieval times in Europe. He did not speculate...
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