1. Mauritio

    Lack of liver steatosis in germ-free mice following hypercaloric diets, serotonin causative

    This is such an interesting study, once again underlining something RP has said for decades. Rats that have a bacteria-free gut (germ free) dont experience the same weight gain that they normally experience on a "western" a.k.a. high PUFA diet. Not only that, but feeding them high fructose...
  2. Mauritio

    Sterile gut leads to lower anxiety, serotonin , and TPH-levels + some bacteria don't increase serotonin

    This study says: Beyond the gut, germ free mice also display an increased turnover rate of dopamine and norepinephrine (as well as serotonin) in the brain (Diaz Heijtz et al., 2011), which could generally reduce pools in systemic circulation independent of microbial production (although factors...
  3. haidut

    Having A Gut Free Of Germs Makes You Healthier And Leaner

    I know Ray has said he tries to keep his gut as germ-free as possible due to the beneficial effects on metabolism of having a clean gut. So, the overall conclusions of this study did not really come as a surprise to me. What is surprising to an extent, is that running endurance was highest in...
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