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  1. haidut

    DHT as anti-inflammatory as cortisol, but without the side effects

    As most of my readers know, glucocorticoids (synthetic or bioidentical) are widely used clinically and there is hardly a chronic conditions for which they are not prescribed even if only for managing brief "acute exacerbations". Despite mainstream medicine doing everything it can to conceal the...
  2. K

    Has anyone tried Rebamipide for gastritis?

    https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1586/egh.10.25?journalCode=ierh20 This medicine is available in few countries.Rebamipide, an amino acid derivative of 2-(1H)-quinolinone, is used for mucosal protection,[1] healing of gastroduodenal ulcers, and treatment of gastritis.[2] It works by...
  3. C

    Ulcers, H. Pylori, Malnutrition, & Plain Old Stress

    How do you know whether an ulcer (or severe inflammation of the stomach) is caused by h. pylori or some other, non-microbial stressor? For the last few weeks, I've had increasingly severe upper GI problems. Initially, I was just getting sporadic, mild stress reactions to swallowing some...