1. RealNeat

    Ironclad Aspirin Use, a "how to", contributions welcome.

    I have a suspicion that I developed an ulcer because of aspirin use. I have resolution from symptoms after almost 3 years of trial and error. Im convinced what healed me was a lot of green cabbage in a variety of preparations and yoghurt (but thats not the topic of this thread). And yes I tried...
  2. J

    What happens after gastritis?

    So what happens after the inflammation from chronic gastritis is gone? Does one naturally produce more stomach acids if one was lacking that? Or is it so damaged that it can no longer function as normal? Does one need to heal the lining? Thanks in advance!
  3. H

    Help! I don't know what to do. My GI system is so messed up and inflamed.

    Help I have had chronic gastritis and chronic constipation after antibiotic use. Now the pain is unbearable and I am constipated. I'm thinking of quiting and just going on a bone broth fast. Everything feels so swollen What should I do ?
  4. H

    Thoughts on what causes Chronic Bile Reflux ?

    Hello I wanted to post this as a discussion point on the root cause and possible cure for Bile Reflux. I have not been diagnosed myself but I was wondering if anyone here was experiencing this as well, what your symptoms are and how you manage/treat the condition. In terms of what I think is...
  5. J

    Zinc carnosine causing stomach discomfort!?

    I’ve been taking zinc carnosine for a couple days after a short stint with apple cider vinegar. I believe I may have gastritis and ACV really irritated it. I stopped the ACV and started zinc carnosine afterwards to hopefully heal some of the damage. I’m fine during the day and I take my zinc...
  6. J

    Gastritis pain

    Ok I did something stupid. I have just started to trial zinc carnosine but since I have SIBO and low stomach acid, thought I’d take a spoonful of diluted apple cider vinegar to digest my dinner. Now my stomach is gurgling and in burning pain. Was thinking of using marshmallow tea but since...
  7. haidut

    DHT as anti-inflammatory as cortisol, but without the side effects

    As most of my readers know, glucocorticoids (synthetic or bioidentical) are widely used clinically and there is hardly a chronic conditions for which they are not prescribed even if only for managing brief "acute exacerbations". Despite mainstream medicine doing everything it can to conceal the...
  8. K

    Has anyone tried Rebamipide for gastritis? This medicine is available in few countries.Rebamipide, an amino acid derivative of 2-(1H)-quinolinone, is used for mucosal protection,[1] healing of gastroduodenal ulcers, and treatment of gastritis.[2] It works by...
  9. C

    Ulcers, H. Pylori, Malnutrition, & Plain Old Stress

    How do you know whether an ulcer (or severe inflammation of the stomach) is caused by h. pylori or some other, non-microbial stressor? For the last few weeks, I've had increasingly severe upper GI problems. Initially, I was just getting sporadic, mild stress reactions to swallowing some...