1. J

    Strange reaction to Theanine

    I found I reacted strangely to Theanine. Both positive and negative. I originally wanted to use it to try and help lower my prolactin via raising dopamine and perhaps rid some background anxiety. I started off at 100mg and didn’t experience much, so I upped it to 200mg. At that dose, I found...
  2. haidut

    Big Pharma - oral GABA doesn't work; Also Big Pharma - oral GABA works, can replace alcohol

    We are now living in an openly clown world, so I don't really expect many doctors to change their position based on contrarian evidence, but it is a stunning admission on behalf of medicine regardless. Namely, mainstream medicine and its partners in crime (often, literally) Big Pharma have spend...
  3. TruffleGnocchi

    Video with visuals: Taurine - a supplement for longevity? -- The Sheekey Science Show

    Here is a video on youtube by The Sheeky Science Show. Going over some results of some studies, showing graphs and other data, explaining potential benefits and some mechanisms. Taurine - a supplement for longevity Some timestamps and extracts from the video: 1:02 taurine...
  4. Sapien

    Does raising gaba lower dopamine?

    “In mouse research, upon activation of GABA neurons in the VTA, a strong inhibitory effect was reported on the rate of firing in DA neurons. In contrast, following GABA neuron inhibition, a disinhibition or increase of dopamine was witnessed. These findings indicate that firstly, GABA...
  5. A

    Glutamate and Mental Problems - Any Hacks to overcome??

    I did an amino acid test recently and was found to be high in Glutamate. This explains why I used to get excitotoxic symptoms (Panic, OCD, Anger, Migraine, sometimes suicidal thoughts) after eating specific foods like Shitake and Button Mushrooms, any cheese, Potatoes, Bone Broth, All seafood...
  6. A

    Belly Button Infection - Glutamate Connection?

    I had posted around 2 years ago how eating boiled shitake mushrooms brought about the worst Belly Button infection of my life (Attached photo will give you an idea). Its like a semi hard thing slowly trying to come out from my navel, and once it does it bursts out like a boil and carries pus...
  7. A

    Microdosing to reverse tolerance

    I found this very interesting thread that claim microdosing stimulants like amphetamine can long-term sensitize dopamine receptors View: ”In rats, dopaminergic supersensitivity from low-dosage...
  8. A

    Supplements/drugs for anxiety, ADD, OCD and rumination/overthinking

    I struggle with anxiety, ADD, OCD and rumination/overthinking. My cortisol, ACTH and prolactin is elevated (prolactin low after D2-agonist treatment). I think my main problems are low dopamine and low GABA. Which drugs and supplements do you recommend?
  9. haidut

    Human study - vitamin B6 may relieve anxiety and depression

    Vitamin B6 is perhaps one of the most underrated B vitamins. While it attracted a lot of interest in the 1960s and 1970s as a potential natural treatment to raise dopamine and/or lower prolactin, subsequent "well-controlled" studies claimed that it was not effective. However, the fact remains...
  10. cs3000

    Does Theanine actually agonize GABA receptors / increase GABA? +Serotonin

    I've seen some people concerned with GABA rebound effects from l-theanine due to effects on increasing GABA. Theanine is commonly mentioned as a gaba agonist. 1. Does it actually have significant effects on GABA that would lead to rebound? 2. Would a daily gram amounts be safe for potential...
  11. UG Krishnamurti

    Glycine side effects. Could someone explain?

    After experimenting with glycine last night (1g in OJ) I've heard a LOUD screaming in my ear while I was sleeping. Woke me up and scared the sh*tout of me xd Knew it was "in my head" because my extremely alert dog was sleeping. I also woke up with extremely dry mouth, grogginess and fatigue...
  12. haidut

    Estrogen promotes, progesterone inhibits drug (cocaine) abuse

    An interesting study, which not only exposes yet another negative side of estrogen but also demonstrates the opposing actions estrogen and progesterone have on the brain. The former is excitatory (by activating the glutamate system and inhibiting the GABA system) while the latter does the exact...
  13. Brandin

    High dht and dopamine but low gaba?

    Hi I have succesfully increased my dht and lowered my estrogen alot. My stress is also ridicously low but for some reason I cant seem to increase gabaergic effects and feel huge difference when trying for example phenibut once. I think maybe my gaba receptors are very poor from inflammation...
  14. RealNeat

    Peaty Energy Drink (no not Red Bull)

    It's not perfect, but it's one of the best I can find and it even has thiamine (nitrate form) which is not common in energy drinks. It unfortunately has citric acid and agave instead of cane sugar. But it's other components and herbs feel really good and I can regularly depend on it for a mood...
  15. miquelangeles

    GABA, PharmaGABA, topical GABA, liposomal GABA

    Anyone have experience with topical GABA? Also, subjective differences between PharmaGABA and "regular" GABA.
  16. haidut

    AlloP - Liquid Allopregnanolone For Lab/R&D

    Just a quick announcement that we have replaced the 5α-DHP in our store with allopregnanolone. The main reason for switching over to allopregnanolone is that we always wanted to provide that steroid right from the start, however we could not find a lab willing to synthesize it. Thus, 5α-DHP...
  17. Mito

    The Aging GABAergic System and Its Nutritional Support

    Abstract Aging is associated with a decline in hormones and an associated decline in GABAergic function and calcium and ion current dysregulation. Neurosteroid hormones act as direct calcium channel blockers, or they can act indirectly on calcium channels through their interaction with GABA...
  18. Mauritio

    Fasoracetam upregulates GABA-B receptors and reduces learned helplessness

    Fasoracetam might be especially interesting for people that don't react well to the other racetams and stimulants in generel. I've found that phenylpiracetam can make me a bit irritable, but stacking it with something GABAergic alleviated that. Or people dealing with anxiety, depression...
  19. Mauritio

    Picamilon - a better GABA alternative ?

    Picamilon is a molecular combination of vitamin B3 and GABA , created in russia . It crossed the blood brain barrier and then gets metabolized into B3 and GABA . Thus it was shown to have brain protective , mood enhancing, and lactate lowering effects . It helps to treat parkinsons ,by...
  20. Mauritio

    Autism caused by low allopregnenolone , chinese herb can treat

    This study shows that the chinese herbal formula Kami-shoyo-san, also known as Jia Wei Xiao Yao Pian, can treat autism / reverse autistic behaviors in mice . First they show that autistic behaviour was caused by a decrease in allopregnenolone. Then they gave mice the herbal formula and...
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