1. haidut

    Low Dose DHEA Powerfully Shifts The Redox Status Towards Oxidation

    A great study, which shows that low-dose DHEA in the range discussed here on the forum (about 15mg daily) not only completely reversed the reductive stress seen in very old mammals but put the aging animals in an even more oxidized state than their very young counterparts. This study matches...
  2. haidut

    DHEA As A Cure For Cancer

    A fascinating study, which highlights once again not only the role of one of the "youth" steroids in human health but also demonstrates that the protective/therapeutic mechanisms of DHEA against cancer are due to increase in metabolism and ROS generation. The primary restrictive mechanism on ROS...
  3. Drareg

    DMSO Increased G6PDH In This Study

    Danny Roddy wrote an article that mentions g6pdh and baldness recently ,this study is about something else but it points to dmso increasing g6pdh levels. From Danny's point of view this is beneficial to assist hair growth, T3 works this way also. Deficiency of g6pdh is also possible in some...
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