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fungal infection

  1. YawnSleepsarian

    Parasites, Fungi, Bacteria: Nuisance or helpers?

    A growing idea in the nu-nutrition sphere is that parasites and bacteria play an essential role in the selective decomposition of diseased tissue; preferentially leaving healthy tissue alone akin to how predators seek out the diseased members of a herd. Such proponents claim that the harm...
  2. P

    Good antifungals?

    I am planning on doing penicillin vk for some gut issues, and have heard taking an antifungal alongside it will prevent a fungal overgrowth in the process. 1. is this true? 2. what are some good antifungals i could use? doses?
  3. B

    Methylene Blue And Red Light Cure Tinea Versicolor

    Many people deal with recurrent yeast infections that cause skin discoloration. Although most of the yeast that cause this are harmless, those people are often prescribed poisonous, estrogenic drugs like Ketoconazole. Methylene blue in conjunction with red light therapy has well known antifungal...
  4. N

    Different Brain Regions Are Infected With Fungi In Alzheimer’s Disease

    http://www.nature.com/articles/srep15015 Different brain regions including external frontal cortex, cerebellar hemisphere, entorhinal cortex/hippocampus and choroid plexus contain fungal material, which is absent in brain tissue from control individuals. Analysis of brain sections from ten...
  5. M

    Is Cancer Actually Fungus?

    I thought there may be a connection a while ago because of how cancer metastisizes and how that reminded me of fungus spreading via spores. Mabye certain virulent fungus could hijack cell regulation machinery like HIV hijacks white blood cells. Prostate cancer may be...
  6. hoppimike

    Quick And Easy Peat-friendly Candida Supps?

    I know that on the Peat side the approach is more to optimize thyroid and immune health and eat carrots, coconuts, ACV etc but... previously I was alternating wild oregano and grapefruit seed extract to take the edge off Candida. Is GSE still bad? I know grapefruit is supposed to be...