1. C

    Impossible Milk Is Incoming

    Impossible Foods Is Now Developing a Plant-Based Alternative to Cow's Milk
  2. Velve921

    FreeLee Banana Girl Diet

    Love to hear everyones thoughts on this concept: Freelee The Banana Girl reveals her New Year's 30-day cleanse | Daily Mail Online I find it interesting that she overloads on fruit and potatoes; she could be low in protein but her mindset may not be quite so misguided? Ketoacids from fruit...
  3. S

    What 4000kcal Of Fruit Looks Like

  4. W

    Fruitarian Diet For Weightloss?

    What are your thoughts on doing an all fruit diet for weight loss? I'm pretty sure Peat has said he doesn't totally oppose all fruit diets and that they may even be optimal in some situations. Clearly it works for some of those 801010 fans. What about all fruit with just a bit of protein from...