frequent urniation

  1. FitnessMike

    Anything for weak/irritated bladder?

    I am currently taking multiple supplements and the protocol seems to be working somehow, but the problem is it's causing my bladder to weaken big time i presume from the acidity. i take 3g niacinamide,4g inosine, 2g aspirin and other. I did have a similar problem with limes/oranges etc. it's...
  2. FitnessMike

    Anything to stop frequent urination at night?

    Since day one of my hypo metabolism journey its there and that might be one of main reasons that stopping my progress as its messing my sleep. Recently i was recommended aspirin which work like a charm for two days which would indicate that its due to high adrenaline/noradrenaline,it only works...
  3. F

    Black Cumin Helped Then Downhill. What Happened?

    A little history - been hypo for several years. I take .75 pill of cynoplus a day. Still have most symptoms, the worse being cold hands and feet and frequent urination with sleep issues. A couple months ago I started taking 5mg DHEA and 5mg pregnenolone every morning. So no positive results so...
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