food supply

  1. JamesGatz

    Indoor Food Farming: Pushing the boundaries of what we know is possible

    I've been growing indoor plants for some time now and I've really been getting the hang of it - I am getting very serious about growing my own food once I move and would like to start on it now - I would like to become a professional - Now here's the thing: I've been watching these underground...
  2. Sefton10

    Thread of better quality food options (UK)

    No citric acid or preservatives. 70p in Sainsburys. They do Pineapple too.
  3. P

    What Are You Doing In Case Of Famine?

    I don't have any food or supplies prepared for the possible upcoming famine and upheaval of society. I'm on thyroid medicine and have chronic fatigue without it, so I guess I need to order tons of that. What else are you all stocking up on for food? Should I buy a gun? If the police back down...