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  1. Sefton10

    Thread of better quality food options (UK)

    No citric acid or preservatives. 70p in Sainsburys. They do Pineapple too.
  2. David PS

    Food Sources For Apigenin And Naringenin

    I decided to try to obtain apigenin the old fashion way by eating vegetables and plants. I have attached a table of food sources below. Naringenin Here is a table for food sources for Naringenin. Phenol-Explorer: Showing all foods in which the polyphenol Naringenin is found Mexican oregano...
  3. E

    Nitrate Level Of Vegetables

    This is from a study that recommends eating food high in nitrate because to them nitric oxide is a good and safe vascular enhancer. Vascular effects of dietary nitrate (as found in green leafy vegetables and beetroot) via the nitrate‐nitrite‐nitric oxide pathway
  4. Parsifal

    How To Get Enough Manganese And Folates?

    Hey guys, My diet is quite good according to Cronometer but I'm always efficient in these nutrients, despite eating a lot of fruits regarding the folates. I wondered if you knew a good and clean way to get enough of these nutrients? Because I don't see how for now.
  5. sweetly

    What are some good Peat sources of manganese?

  6. Y

    Non-dairy Calcium Sources

    I looked to see if this was posted but cant find it. Anyways due to a current dairy intolerance (ill work on it soonish) i need to find alternative sources. I cannot eat cheese either because I have high cholesterol and Familial Hypercholesterolemia, so gotta figure out how much saturated fat i...
  7. haidut

    Salicylates In Various Foods

    A study reviewing the contents of salicylic acid in various foods. It looks like berries and some spices are the way to go, in addition to things like oranges and tangerines. ... nfoods.pdf
  8. C

    Choline, Folate Vs Folic Acid

    From the Perfect Health Diet, chapter 35: Choline and Folic Acid - Both choline and folic acid are important for brain and neurological function, lipid metabolism, DNA health. - Choline is deficient in most people, and folic acid (which doesn't occur in nature) has reached extremely high...
  9. B

    Is There Any Reliable Food Source Of Iodine?

    In my country they tested commercial salts from the stores for iodine and the results were suprising. Mostly anything that wasnt in a hermetically sealed plastic bag had no iodine left. Also some had no iodine, maybe because manufacturers didnt even bother to add it, but in some it was...
  10. D

    Ideas On Carb Sources, For Hardcore Peat Heads

    At the moment, these are my carb sources: 1. Sugar (taken sometimes with milk or coffee) 2. OJ (high in vitamin C, which I find a pain in the **** when you are eating food that is high in iron, hence I hardly ever use it because I eat meat once, sometimes twice, per day) 3. Potato - boiled to...
  11. Zpol

    Vit. E, Potassium, calcium, or supp.'s

    I'm on an elimination diet. Trying to figure out which specific things are causing problems (chronic constipation {SIBO}, PCOS, Hypothyroid, allergies {although, I'm allergic to dust so it will probably not be possible to determine if any food source is causing allergies, since dust is...
  12. D

    Help With Sucrose 1:1 Fruits,proteine Etc

    As I seem to keep having problems with higher free-fructose foods, I notice I do/feel mentally, as does my bowelmovement, my best with pure sucrose 1:1 sources such as rawcane sugar,maple syrup,palm sugar,lemon,overripe/total black banana(which Im stille experimenting with in regards to...
  13. J

    Vitamin E Sources?

    I plugged my diet into cronometer the other day, and noticed I was only getting about 20% of my RDA for Vitamin E. :shock: A typical week of food for me looks like: - Coffee (25 cups) - Cocoa (1 cup) - Lamb Liver (250g) - Ground Lamb (500g) - Tenderloin Steak (one 12 oz) - Yellow Potatoes (4...