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    Poop Out More PUFA For Maximum Deficiency - (Alert! Human Study)

    In this study, humans passed 16.8-17.8% of the fat contained in the whole peanuts but as little as 4.2% of the peanut butter fat. So extra processing dramatically increased fat/pufa absorption. Extrapolating from this study, raw corn is better than cooked corn or corn flour in the context of...
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    BIG SALT Exists! Video Claims Food Processors Manipulate Research

    Big Salt exists as the food processing industry because nobody's choking down salt free hamburgers or pizzas. A government anti-salt crusade would destroy them. This means there's far more money in salt than salt restriction imo. Research on salt has been manipulated according to this video...
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    Contraceptives and Banned Antibiotics in Fast Food Meals

    Many people have a misconception that to eat healthy all you need to do is avoid ingredients whether they are certain fats, meat, gluten, grains or anything else. But even if the ingredients themselves aren't bad, they are often full of hidden toxins. Not only that but who's behind it if not the...
  4. Tristan Loscha


    Cafeteria Diet Is a Robust Model of Human Metabolic Syndrome With Liver and Adipose Inflammation: Comparison to High-Fat Diet Brante P. Sampey,1 Amanda M. Vanhoose,2 Helena M. Winfield,3 Alex J. Freemerman,1 Michael J. Muehlbauer,3 Patrick T. Fueger,4 Christopher B. Newgard,3 and Liza Makowski1...
  5. Morning Star

    Dietary Aluminum Intake

    The other day I checked the label on the salt which we use at the restaurant I work in and discovered it contained sodium aluminosilicate, an anti-caking agent.I scoured the web searching for other unexpected routes of exposure and must now conclude that virtually every processed food available...
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