1. blackface

    The SVB and Signiture bank crash thread

    Regulators have stepped in. SVB deposits are now being held by California FDIC and they will be made available to depositors on Monday. Tbd to see who gets a haircut. SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) is one of the main lending platforms for the venture capital (VC) ecosystem. Their stock dropped 80%...
  2. michael94

    10 Year Old Explains The Truth About Where Money Comes From

    Further reading: Kumhof, Michael & Jakab, Zoltán. 2016. “The Truth about Banks". Finance and Development. IMF Publication (March 2016). Zarlenga, Stephen A. 2014. “Presenting the American Monetary Reform Manual". Valatie, NY: American Monetary Institute. Graeber, David. 2014. “The truth is...
  3. MetabolicTrash

    Money/finances To Achieve Health -- Or Health First To Then Achieve It?

    Seems a tough method forward for people. Some pursue resources and funds so they can reach a place of health or "betterment" of sorts -- others try and achieve "salvation" of some sort even with nothing but the clothes on their backs (if even). What approach usually is the more optimal one...
  4. haidut

    Racial Discrimination Increases When Resources Are Scarce

    The findings of this study are probably intuitively known by most people but it is still helpful to see science confirm intuitive knowledge more formally. This study raises the interesting possibility that the increased polarization (and thus discrimination) in Western countries observed in...
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