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    How Harmful is Silicon Dioxide?

    Found in many Thorne Research supplements. I ask because they seem to be a good company otherwise. I've heard some people say it's dangerous to the gut lining, others say it's not a big deal. From Thorne's website: "Silicon dioxide Also known as silica, is a naturally-occurring compound...
  2. Morning Star

    Dietary Aluminum Intake

    The other day I checked the label on the salt which we use at the restaurant I work in and discovered it contained sodium aluminosilicate, an anti-caking agent.I scoured the web searching for other unexpected routes of exposure and must now conclude that virtually every processed food available...
  3. pete

    Source Of Ingredients

    I will post here some of the responses from companies selling supplements/food. Several promote the right of consumers to know what's in the products they consume, but sadly it's just marketing.