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  1. Twohandsondeck

    A gut repair equation - Amino acids > polyphenols > fiber

    Credit to Joel Greene. His brief Q&A on the Ben Greenfield podcast found here: Crohn's Disease & Carnivore, Raw Beans, Lectin Myths, & More. The basic explanation I gathered was: Protein (namely glutamine and glycine) and niacin are responsible for repairing the upper/small intestine. This...
  2. M

    Is Fibre A Menace?

    According to Konstantin Monastyrsky (gutsense.org), the primary cause of constipation and colorectal disorders (IBS, colitis, colon cancer, etc.) is dietary fibre. Ray himself has claimed to eat a "fibre-free diet", but that's not quite right: he eats raw carrots and mushrooms because of their...
  3. J

    Effect Of Mushrooms On Fecal Matter Weight - After Raw Carrots Didn't Do It Anymore

    Raw carrots didn't do it anymore in terms of promoting a daily bowel movement. So I decided to try out white button mushrooms and the effects are stunning: my fecal matter weight increased multiple-fold. My bowel movements went from once a day (relatively small, sometimes harder to pass) to...
  4. M

    Forming Bulk

    When I eat grains, my stool becomes bulkier, which is obviously good, because it feels like more bacterial junk is being carried out with it. But eating grains comes with its own problems, at least for me, and so I can't eat them on a regular basis. I don't seem to have problems with white...
  5. raypeatclips

    RP Email Advice Comment: Safe Fiber

    He mentions fiber, but mentions mushrooms, bamboo and carrots as antiseptic foods. Is his stance of fiber more open than before, or is he just meaning the 3 foods he mentioned?
  6. S

    No Liver Injury After Alcohol In Germ-Free Mice

    Comparing the effects of acute alcohol consumption in germ-free and conventional mice: the role of the gut microbiota Ethanol increased intestinal bacteria :cool and "high fiber diet" reduced the injury.
  7. S

    Diet And Sex Hormone-binding Globulin

    Diet and sex hormone-binding globulin. - PubMed - NCBI
  8. F

    Stopping Or Reducing Dietary Fiber Intake Reduces Constipation And Its Associated Symptoms

    The following is quoted from an email newsletter from GutSense.org. I'm not shilling for this guy, he just already did the work of summarizing the cited studies: EDITED: Removed the aforementioned gutsense commentary and replaced it with the study it referenced and described. Stopping or...
  9. L

    Wheat Bran Reduces Estrogen

    What do you guys think about this study? http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/54/3/520.full.pdf