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  1. Saphire

    Female issues & Covid issues

    This is a 2 part question First question: I had been on testosterone pellets for almost 2 yrs. Last insertion was Aug 2021. In Dec 2020, I notice some issues arising, brittle fried hair, estrogen was always severe, fatigue severe and I would explain these symptoms receiving no resolution just...
  2. R

    Any experience with Natpro Progesterone?

    Hi all, 37 y/o female here, 5'7 I've found a couple posts mentioning the use of Natpro but was wondering if anyone could give me an updated experience on it? I am suffering from recurring fibroids/polyps, mid cycle spotting. Had a D&C last year but the spotting came back and so did the fibroids...
  3. R

    Recurring uterine polyps, help?

    Hi all, feeling a little defeated here and would appreciate any insight, advice or shared experience. Thank-you in advance. A bit of background… 37 y/o female, no children (yet, I am hopeful) Last year in 2020 i dealt with breakthrough bleeding (spotting around ovulation) for about 6 months...