fatty liver

  1. theoogabear

    Blood laps done - would like some analysis

    Hey guys, I got lab work done and I don't really know what any of it means in much detail at all. I will post the things the test flagged and follow up with some context: Anion gap: 7 mEq/L Creatinine 1.27 mg/dL AST 43 U/L ALT 91 U/L Billirubin Total 1.1 mg/dL eGFR (CKD-EPI) 78 mL/min...
  2. theoogabear

    I have fatty liver

    I recently got a cat scan done on my torso and the doc said, which I’ve known for a while, that I have fatty liver. How exactly do I reverse this?
  3. Connor888


    Hey So I recently started supplementing TUDCA and NAC for my liver, since I found out I had fatty liver - and from what I heard the latter can deplete the body of either Zinc, copper, or both. So I figured it might be worth looking into those too... But I feel like their absorption might be...
  4. Mauritio

    Alcohol only causes fatty liver when consumed with PUFA not with SFAs

    In this study they authors studied how the intake of saturated and unsaturated fats affect the effect of alchohol on the body. They looked at he usual things that alcohol consumption causes in the body (necrosis, fatty liver and inflammation), while also feeding the animals fish oil, corn oil...
  5. Ismail

    DHA-enriched phosphatidylserine ameliorates non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and intestinal dysbacteriosis in mice induced by a high-fat diet

    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33977946/ https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2021/FO/D0FO03471A
  6. Mauritio

    Activating FXR decreases PUFA in the liver

    Very interesting study showing that activating the Farnesoid X Receptor results in lower levels of MUFA and PUFA in the liver. (Farnesoid X receptor - Wikipedia) Lowers levels of MUFA are brought on by downregulating genes like SCD1. "Elevated expression levels of SCD1 is found to be...
  7. FitnessMike

    Can you reduce liver fat while being overweight?

  8. G

    The problem with Peat principles

    1. Peat recommends Higher carbs than fats and high Calcium intake, yet Calcium rich foods are rich in fat(whole milk, cheeses). Skim milk is not found in nature. A high Calcium intake comes hand in hand with fat intake 2. Haidut recommends high carb/ sugar and moderate SFA. Yet the most nutrient...
  9. xeliex

    Ascites and cirrhosis... any hope?

    My aunt is suffering from ascites and cirrhosis. She is not a drinker nor has hepatitis, but the suspected cause of sudden ascites and cirrhosis is long term (undiagnosed) fatty liver and possibly a blood clot from COVID-19. She is needing frequent paracentesis and is on lactulose. Without...
  10. Lokzo

    Glycine Reduces NAFLD by modulating fatty acid oxidation, glutathione synthesis, and the gut microbiome - 2020

    Amino acids alleviate liver disease Glycine is known to be reduced in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), diseases with no approved treatments. Rom et al. found that glycine biosynthetic genes showed reduced expression in humans and...
  11. A

    Visceral Fat Due To Impaired Metabolism/Fatty Liver

    Any ideas how people on this forum have succeeded in getting rid of Visceral Fat with Diet or Supplements? Would also be good to know how long it took to do this?
  12. haidut

    Blocking Serotonin Treats Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD / NASH)

    The bad news for serotonin just keeps on coming. Just minutes ago I posted about serotonin turning people into violent criminals, and being the actual cause of depression instead of its cure (as FDA and Big Pharma would have you believe). Now, the study below adds another pathology that is...
  13. haidut

    PUFA May Drive Obesity, Insulin Resistance, Liver Issues In Diabetes II Patients

    Yet another study where the message is clear - there is nothing "essential" about the PUFA we are bombarded with from all directions be that diet, medical interventions, household products, etc. What makes this study particularly relevant is that PUFA ingestion actually is promoted as one of the...
  14. Mauritio

    Aspirin Activates AMPK ,reduces Liver Fat

    Aspirin: New evidence is helping explain additional health benefits and open potential for new uses This Studie found aspirin activates AMPK ,which is called the master regulator of metabolism . It is involved in mitochondrial biogenesis, weight loss etc... They also found that aspirin reduces...
  15. haidut

    Daily Aspirin Reduces By 37% Risk Of Fatty Liver Progressing Into Cirrhosis

    Another great study about aspirin. What I particularly like about this study is that one of the authors is calling aspirin "a promising anti-fibrotic strategy for NAFLD". This is the first time I have heard a doctor refer to aspirin as anti-fibrotic chemical. Peat mentioned aspirin as one of the...
  16. haidut

    Vitamin E Lowers Mortality, Transplantation Need In Liver Disease Patients

    Good study on the protective effects of vitamin E on progression of the liver disease known as NASH, which usually leads to cirrhosis and eventually a need for liver transplant. It is nice to see Big Pharma opening up to treatment with vitamins, but it is probably due to the failure of their...
  17. haidut

    Inosine Increases ATP And Reverses NAFLD (and Likely Other Liver Disease)

    As I mentioned in another recent thread on inosine and serotonin/cortisol, many pathologies are simply signs/symptoms of inefficient ATP synthesis and restoring proper synthesis or replenishing ATP levels through precursors often reverses the pathology. These two studies below show that fatty...
  18. haidut

    Alcohol Mostly Benign For The Liver, Causing Injury Requires Endotoxin (LPS)

    Peat wrote in one of his articles that alcohol is getting a bad reputation for causing all sorts of liver disease and even liver cancer, but alcohol by itself is fairly neutral for the liver and that the role of PUFA, iron and endotoxin is being neglected by mainstream medicine. The study below...
  19. ecstatichamster

    PUFAs Cause Fatty Liver (and Reference To Mildronate)

    https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lise_Madsen/publication/232530857_Dietary_eicosapentaenoic_acid_supplementation_accentuates_hepatic_triglyceride_accumulation_in_mice_with_impaired_fatty_acid_oxidation_capacity/links/02bfe50cf33a43a427000000.pdf Reduced mitochondrial fatty acid (FA)...
  20. ecstatichamster

    What Do You Know About Succinic Acid

    seems to be a weight loss aid, hangover cure and ingredient of cytoflavin
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