1. haidut

    Possible Explanation Of The Obesity Paradox

    I recently posted a thread on the being overweight with a BMI or 27 associated with lower mortality than being lean. Taller People Have Higher Mortality From Cancer This study claims to have found a possible explanation, and it has to with the fact that the ability to accumulate fat is an...
  2. Dan Wich

    Effects Of Beef Production Method And Breed On Fat Content

    Here's an interesting study by Kraft et al (no relation to the mac-and-cheese empire, I presume): Extensive Analysis of Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, CLA, trans-18:1 Isomers, and Plasmalogenic Lipids in Different Retail Beef types SFA content: PUFA content: I conclude from it...
  3. D

    Higher Plasma Dairy Fat Associated With Lower Incidence Of Diabetes

    Circulating Biomarkers of Dairy Fat and Risk of Incident Diabetes Mellitus Among US Men and Women in Two Large Prospective Cohorts
  4. haidut

    Achilles Heel Of Cancer Found - Its Addiction To Fat

    The public propaganda message has always been that cancer cells are addicted to glucose. As a result of that belief, one of the so-called "new wave" therapies in the treatment of cancer is to "starve" the cancer cells of glucose and hope that they die on their own. This usually has disastrous...
  5. P

    Anti Obesity/diabetes Effects Of High Sucrose/low Fat Diet Comparing To Starch Or High Fat Diet

    Differential effects of fat and sucrose on the development of obesity and diabetes in C57BL/6J and A/J mice. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract We have previously demonstrated that the C57BL/6J (B/6J) mouse will develop severe obesity, hyperglycemia, and hyperinsulinemia if weaned onto a high-fat...
  6. Amazoniac

    Carbs, Fats, Energy And Heat

    I've been wondering about the following: When the temperature goes down, we tend to seek heavier foods, fattier. However, if carbs are so much more efficient at generating energy and heat, why wouldn't we just seek more carbs? Is it just a matter of instinct? On the other hand, when people are...
  7. S

    Why/how does fat help with satiety?

    I seem to have hard time feeling and/or staying full without fats? My understanding is that it is true for a lot of people on this forum. How does it work? What is the mechanism? Any ideas? Thanks
  8. mayweatherking

    Am I hurting myself by avoiding fat like butter and coconut oil? I can't have both.. what's another

    I avoid butter because I have issues with cow dairy. I use raw goat milk. I also avoid coconut oil because I tried refined and regular and was coughing on it with a scratchy throat. I'm doing everything else peat style.. like cheese, milk, OJ, eggshell calcium, eggs, raw carrot, salt. Am I...
  9. D

    Why Do I Find Dairy Fat To Be Particularly Fattening?

    edit: substituted "particularly" for "especially" fattening in subject line to actually say what I meant. Since my last question opened up a scintillating debate that was as far reaching as it was insightful, I thought I'd throw out another one. Why would dairy fat cause weight gain or...
  10. haidut

    Official dietary fat guidelines were NOT based on evidence

    Ray wrote about this, but now it is supported by more solid research. The official dietary fat guidelines introduced in the 1970s and 1980s in the US and UK were not supported even by the evidence available at the time. The guidelines were more or less aimed at reducing cholesterol and avoiding...
  11. haidut

    Statins cause fat buildup, adrenergic activation causes muscle wasting

    The study was in lab-grown muscles but the claim is that those muscles work just like human muscles. The study tested the effects of statins and clenbuterol (a pro-adrenalin drug used for weight loss). http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/288012.php "...They found the statins caused...
  12. R

    Minimum Recommended Fat Intake

    Hey, I've been a long time lurker on the forum.bodybuilding.com forums. According to their nutrition recommendations, the minimum amount of dietary fat per day for lean individuals is 0.4g/lb (total weight). They mention fat is needed for maintaining health, satiety, and sanity. Dietary fat...
  13. J

    Role of fats in Androgenic Steroid Production

    Hi all, After reading Peats articles and surfing the forums, i am very confused regarding the role of Fats, specifically Saturated, in the context of promoting Androgenic Steroid production i.e Testosterone. Frequently on these forums I have seen the reccomendation to reduce Fat intake if the...
  14. L

    Your Weight , Grams Of Total Carbs And Total Daily Cals

    Hello my fellow Peaters. :mrgreen: as the title of this thread states ,,whats your current weight, total daily cals and grams of carbs.?? I post this because I was wondering how lean im getting..I guess my thyroids are working great because I use no meds ...I might wanna add that my only...
  15. D

    How Much Fat Do You Guys Eat Per Day?

    Here are the issues I am having with the RP diet. Trying to go high carb, low fat, high protein, high calorie is not working for me. 2 quarts of OJ will only get you so far. 1 litre of Skimmed milk has barely 400 calories. By this stage, you are ingesting ridiculously huge amounts of liquid...
  16. M

    Weight Loss: Reduce Starch Or Fat?

    Wouldn't the mixture of sugar (carbs in general) and fat promote the storage of fat? I would appreciate someone explaining this to me. Thanks.
  17. S

    How much fat a day?

    How much fat in grams in minimally required for optimal hormone production? Studies say that LBM x .4 = fat in grams is mimium required for health an optimal hormones 200lbs person x .4 = 80g fat daily for optimal health