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fasting blood sugar

  1. Hans

    Coconut oil for lowering blood sugar, insulin requirements, inflammation and appetite

    This case report showed that coconut oil supplementation reduced this man's insulin requirements (he's a type 2 diabetic by was given insulin as well) dramatically. And when we did use insulin at his normal dose, he often experienced hypoglycemia. The shows that coconut either improves glucose...
  2. A

    High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels - "pre-diabetes" Levels

    I've tested my fasting blood sugar at home a few times in the last week, and the results have all been over 100mg - up to 111mg/dl (6.2 mmol). This would put me in "pre-diabetes" range. I've got old blood glucose readings done through a doctor about 3 months into Peating when I was at 90, and...