1. Drareg

    Elizabeth Holmes Theranos and COVID test,track and trace

    For those of you who don’t know who she is here‘s a summary from wikipedia, as usual it’s highly edited- Theranos - Wikipedia It turns out Theranos have a very interesting patent, very specific also- "The present invention provides an integrated health care surveillance and monitoring system...
  2. Drareg

    You aren't legally allowed to know which variant gave you COVID-19 in the US, even if it's Delta

    Let’s unpack this madness, actually in second though let’s not, it speaks for itself. Over to you in the COVID cult to explain this one, perhaps just have faith it’s covid and enjoy your victim status, punish yourself with this infection and you will become one of us, it’s like hazing at this...
  3. Drareg

    Denmark abolishes all COVID measures.

    Denmark seems to have had enough of the covid hysterics, they are ending all measures including vaccine passports. Denmark seems to be one of the only reasonable and realistic European nations these days, they pulled out of the excessive and delusional migration and asylum policies a few months...
  4. haidut

    DC Law Now Allows Secret Vaccinations Of Children

    The law is actually much worse than the title suggests. It allows medical and school staff to "approach" children as young as 11 and manipulate them behind their parents' backs to "consent" to vaccinations the parents oppose. Think about it? Can an 11 year old child truly have the so-called...
  5. MatheusPN


    So some people believe that Zionism rules the world. Certainly, fascists control the world. Certainly eugenicists imperialists control the world. Certainly, Trump is a Zionist, an imperialist, which is benefited by and supports the likes of the Rothschild. He is part of the agenda that aims to...
  6. MatheusPN

    Cultural Marxism, Reds Against (W) Freedom

    Some right-wingers talk about and are against the forged and incongruent, "Cultural Marxism" classification. Funnily it's the same forged argument made by Nazis. Coincidentally the right who is into it is practically for the same reason as Nazis. The majority of "Cultural Marxists", hate/...