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face covering

  1. Grapelander

    UK: Government plans for control through a ‘Never Normal’ policy

    Government plans for control through a ‘Never Normal’ policy see page 10: Disrupting and reshaping society is at the heart of new research from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) member Professor Susan Michie, just published by the British Psychological Society. Risk aversion...
  2. 8

    Masks made of silver and copper, and adding antiviral oils to a mask. Masks that are more helpful?

    rumble.com/vobzao-plague-of-corruption-with-judy-mikovits.html 32:11 -- Judy Mikovits: "We had our silver masks, which are at least anti-microbial, and we can breathe through them, and we can protect ourselves. There are a lot of people [exhaling synthetic viral particles from the modified...