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  1. L


    What do you think will happen to hundreds of millions of people who have received the covid (mRNA) vaccines worldwide, ten years from now? Should we expect massive increases in death rate and occurrences of serious chronic diseases?
  2. D

    GC-1 Sobetirome

    Has anyone seen this? Super cool research chemical in phase 1 clinical trials. It acts much like T3 without a lot of the side effects. What do y'all think? I'm thinking about experimenting with my lab rat.
  3. youngsinatra

    Post Your Experience With Topical Vitamin A Here

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to know if any of you have experimented with topical retinol? Then please leave a comment below. I really love how retinol makes me feel, but it tends to be irritating to me, when taken orally, so I didn't take any retinol for a while now. Today I just took a...
  4. haidut

    Another COVID-19 Treatment Trial Halted For Safety Reasons

    Things are not looking good right now for most COVID-19 human trials. This is the second treatment trial to be stopped within the last 2 weeks. Eli Lilly's Trial For COVID-19 Antibody Treatment Halted For Safety Reasons Also, this is another trial where the adverse event experienced by a...