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  1. RealNeat

    Joe Rogan never had SARSCOV2

    Once again we have been mislead by our old friend the cOviD test ooooooh CDC/FDA Confess: They Had No Virus When They Concocted the Test for the Virus - LewRockwell Joe Rogan almost literally did everything "scientists" do in a cell culture to "prove" pathogenicity of a so called virus...
  2. L

    Ray Peat Interview One Radio Network - March 15, 2021

  3. haidut

    Yet Another Study Shows That Chemotherapy Drives Cancer Metastases

    More news coming in, corroborating earlier posts on the topic. It seems the MD profession is the only one that still has not wisen up to the fact that trying to "kill" the cancer only makes it spread/grow and turn into a killer itself. Chemotherapy Causes Cancer Metastases, Tumor Evolution...