1. M

    Proven Ways To Boost Testosterone In Males

    Good Morning! Any lifestyle & diet habits to help raise testosterone into the 900s? That are proven? Either science or personal experimentation through supplements or food etc
  2. Mr Joe

    Asked RP about Muscles. Answer : swimming, bicycling, and tennis ?

    I've had the the opportunity to ask Ray about more details concerning building muscle and getting lean on a Ray Peat diet. The first part of the answer was like "i never go to gym" style. But i was surprised by the second part. I've asked him what his thoughts on exercice such as Dips...
  3. Sefton10

    Fruit Supplementation Reduces Indices Of Exercise-induced Muscle Damage: A Systematic Review And Met

    Fruit-derived supplements reduced markers of muscle damage, inflammation and oxidative stress, whilst increased force generation capacity for 24–48 hours after strenuous exercises. Fruit-derived supplements could be used as recovery strategies from strenuous exercise sessions...
  4. kiran

    Lifting To Failure: 1 Set Is As Good As 3-5 For Strength And Endurance

    ... but not hypertrophy.
  5. E

    Order Effects Of Combined Strength And Endurance Training On IGFBP3

    Order effects of combined strength and endurance training on testosterone, cortisol, growth hormone, and IGF-1 binding protein 3 in concurrently tr... - PubMed - NCBI Small sample but still interesting because similar results are found in other larger studies on aerobic training and...
  6. sladerunner69

    Intense Exercise Damages Cells In Ways That Cumulatively Impair Metabolism

    "Intense exercise damages cells in ways that cumulatively impair metabolism."-Dr. Raymond Peat Anyone believe this is true and what exactly does he believe is intense exercise? Marathon running? bicycling? What about weight training like heavy squats and deadlifts?
  7. ste199

    Concentric Exercise?

    Old people, who had extensively damaged mitochondrial DNA, were given a program of concentric exercise, and as their muscles adapted to the new activity, their mitochondrial DNA was found to have become normal. Ray Peat from Adaptive substance, creative regeneration: Mainstream science...
  8. K

    Laying Vs Sitting Vs Standing Vs Walking

    I was wondering, today many people believe that we are sitting too much in a day, and with bad posture. So I wonder, what do you guys think about that? If I sit I have higher pulse than if I lay. I guess just more muscles are active. If I sit with good posture, I also have higher pulse. After a...
  9. Luann

    Chairs And The Like

    So, I had a weird thing happen today. Actually, it started when I made a vow a few days ago not to use as much furniture. This was done with the goal of having better posture and core strength: I would sit or belly flop on the floor or ground as much as I liked, so the goal went, but would not...
  10. DrJ

    Is Rock Climbing Reasonably Concentric?

    Seems to me that for the most part rock climbing is a concentric exercise - the muscles are shortening while contracting when you pull yourself up with your arms, or push yourself up with your legs. I'm just not sure about the "hanging there" part when you're planning a move; probably...
  11. M

    Morning Jogging, Yay Or Nay?

    Hello! Just a quick question I wanted to through out there. I've read mixed things on the Internet and "adrenal reset" books about exercise first thing in the morning. I've been doing it for years now, and emotionally I think it definitely puts me in a better place than when I don't. But, is...
  12. J

    Freewheel Running Prevents Learned Helplessness (How Would This Fit Into Peat's View Of Exercise?

    Freewheel running prevents learned helplessness/behavioral depression: role of dorsal raphe serotonergic neurons. Greenwood BN1, Foley TE, Day HE, Campisi J, Hammack SH, Campeau S, Maier SF, Fleshner M. Author information Abstract Serotonin (5-HT) neurons in the dorsal raphe nucleus (DRN) are...
  13. EndAllDisease

    Understanding Lactic Acid Buildup During Exercise

    I've noticed after I do a set of squats, my frequency of breaths increases, which indicates to me an increase in CO2 in the body. I notice also that very shortly after the set is complete, a tightness in the muscles that I have just exercise develops, which if I understand correctly is a...
  14. EndAllDisease

    Does Insulin Increase Muscle Mass?

    Two friends of mine have injected insulin into themselves to encourage muscle growth in combnation with strength training and noticed large gains in size. I want to understand the mechanism behind this phenomenon and how it works.
  15. L

    Coffee Enhances Athletic Endurance Performance

    Coffee might be as good as caffeine pills or powder for endurance performance results :D http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/20 ... 095439.htm
  16. L

    Carbs, Not Fats, Boost Half-marathon Race Performance

    Carbs, not fats, boost half-marathon race performance http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/20 ... 094542.htm
  17. Westside PUFAs

    Positive Peat Quotes On Exercise

    It should be noted that the negative Peat quotes on exercise all have the words "excessive, exhaustive, intense, breathless etc. in them. Good thing I don't do anything excessive, exhaustive, intense, and breathless. I walk, hike in the SoCal sun with no shirt on in Speedos, (j.k. about the...
  18. haidut

    Running Marathons Shrinks The Brain

    Not that this is any surprise to the forum readers, but I found it quite alarming that the brain shrinks in a such a short amount of time even though the study claims that the brain recovers within 6 months after the event. What I found also interesting is the explanation for the shrinkage - the...
  19. michael94

    Benefits Of Exercise On Mitochondrial Dysfunction And Oxidative Stress

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26503074 2015 Oct 27 mostly concerning skeletal muscle here and this was in older folk but still worth a read thoughts/comments appreciated, unfortunately the full text is behind a paywall edit: And of course, degree matters here's some additional info...
  20. halken

    Starting My Fitness Journey With Kettlebells

    I just recently bought Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell! book and I just bought my first legit 16kg kettlebell from Iron Edge. I'm looking forward it. The theory behind the kettlebell's function makes the most sense to me. I was curious if any Peat-peeps are using this tool for fitness. What are...
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