1. haidut

    PSA: Change in TocoVit formulation - MCT replaced by organic olive oil (EVOOO)

    Just a quick note that we have changed the TocoVit formulation to no longer use MCT oil as the dilutent. Instead, it now uses extra-virgin organic olive oil (EVOOO) - the same oil used as a solvent in one of the Kuinone formulations. Everything else remains the same as before. Based on client...
  2. haidut

    Kuinone now available in organic olive oil base

    Just a quick announcement in regards to what I mentioned on Danny's last podcast. Kuinone is now also available in (E)xtra (V)irgin (O)rganic (O)live (O)il base/solvent. These are the only 2 ingredients - the vitamin K2 (MK-4) and the EVOOO. The amount of vitamin K2 per bottle (and thus, per...