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  1. Vivin3BC

    Are the Elites Sadistic?

    Only read, if you’re open-minded: Poisoning us for decades, lying to us, making us suffer, faking catastrophic events, degenerating us.. Pure sadism. The question is, why? What is the point of that? Wouldn’t a happy human want others to be happy too? We will never understand. We are...
  2. Peatful

    Hunter Biden’s 128k Emails. Enjoy!

  3. Peatful

    Thread for WEF Davos 2022 Annual Meeting. May 22-26.

    I heard they are trying to speed up Agenda 2030 or Agenda 30. To release the Global Pandemic Treaty? Any speculation welcome. Any news regarding the UN and the WEF teaming up is welcome. News dump here. Especially those on bitchute, Twitter etc
  4. Peatful

    Abortion Rights May 2022 and why this should matter to you

    Can you connect the dots? Why in the world would this come out of nowhere? Why would Biden’s administration or the Supreme Court even consider this now? Let me try: If there is “my body my choice” in effect - upheld by the Supreme Court How can I be forced to take a vxx and in turn - when...
  5. Peatful

    We CAN help the children! (?)

    URGENT: On February 15th the FDA will meet to discuss EUA for 6 month to 5 year olds receiving the vxx. Pfizer-BioNtech itself says it’s not ready- but the White House is pushing for it. Comments that you leave on the link provided- if received before February 10th- WILL be indeed read and...
  6. Peatful

    The Agenda Being Pushed: the Normalization of Sex with Children

    Are you aware of this? Are you comfortable hearing this? USA Today had an op-ed piece supporting pro pedophilia. Tik Tok is filled with Liberals debating such a demonic agenda. Professors pushing this evil. A few screenshots below as evidence. “They” want to normalize sex with children...
  7. haidut

    More Than 30% Of GP Doctors Suffer From "compassion Fatigue"

    What a twisted/perverse way to say that a good portion of doctors are psychopaths. If anybody thinks this is an exaggerated/unsubstantiated statement check the link below. Psychopaths make the best doctors because they can switch off emotionally So, while the article at the end of the post...